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Olkhon Island

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So, our first trip was quite unexpected, and then we wrote that it is necessary to use the possibilities of spontaneous outdoor activities. This trip to Olkhon last this summer and get even more unexpected. This time we were called in just 3 hours prior to departure, and we were a little doubted. But we had planned to go on Olkhon Island this summer, so we do not need to miss this opportunity! We departed at 3.20 nights. There is a big plus in overnight trip – an empty road. But a very special atmosphere on this trip. The road to Olkhon island is very picturesque, but in the morning nature around was quite different and some mysterious. The fog lay thick layers, shone with the light of dawn, and sometimes enveloped the car so that we did not see anything from inside. Meeting the dawn so that was very cool! Now we know that is the time to go from Irkutsk to Olkhon in 3 AM and preferably in clear weather. And you will come to the first ferry and almost certainly will not have to stand in long queues.


Fairy Olkhon

Olkhon in august especially beautiful. If you’re here, be sure to take a trip to Cape Khoboy! Gorgeous views from this place. It will be exciting when you sit on the edge of a cliff and looking into the distance. But the road to Cape Khoboy quite hard and difficult. Without all-wheel drive is there better not to meddle. It can be reached by hiking or you can take a tour. But get ready for a bumpy ride, because they are carried out on UAZ aka bread, etc. Also, there are more interesting ways as a helicopter, an airplane or a pleasure boat, for those who can afford. And no matter how you get there, the main reason – this is one of the most beautiful places on Lake Baikal, and probably in the world, therefore it’s worth it! Way to Khoboy will pass through Cape “Three brothers”. Be sure to make a stop on it, it’s hard to describe how beautiful there. It’s awesome!

By the way, the coast of Olkhon throughout its length is quite rocky, so you can work out even cliff diving. We think you will find many places where you can dive! For example: Shamanka rock on the cape Burhan.


Starlight Night

If you are lucky with the weather, it is not advised to go to bed, because the few places in the world where such a beautiful starry sky like on the Olchon Island. Much happiness, we were greeted by just such nightlights. The sky was space. And the second day we were also greeted by the sun. Although the water as it was cold and not warmed. What can I say, Baikal is Baikal. Want to swim – wear a wetsuit.

Olkhon island – it is really quite a magical place, shamanic. Not only colored trees and stone mounds of various sizes talk about it, but also all around. Serene meadows, sand hills, perfectly smooth hills, high jagged cliffs and purest water around. On this island you can find peace and privacy, even though the endless tourists. You can have fun all night long. And you can just capture the beauty of the Baikal nature forever in the memory.


Even though it is summer coming to an end, our summer in Irkutsk is not finished yet. As long as the weather is warm, we will continue our first part of the project “From with Love”, and what will happen next, you’ll learn a little later.



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