In Otavalo, apart from Cuicocha Lagoon, we also visited Peguche Waterfall. In a nutshell, it’s a very beautiful but highly touristy spot because it’s right in the city. It’s also a bit of an unusual place, but you’ll find out why soon!

Водопад Пегуче в Отавало

The Peguche Waterfall in Otavalo

So, the Peguche Waterfall is located within the city limits of Otavalo, at the base of the Imbabura volcano. It is formed by the waters of the Peguche River, which originates from Lake San Pablo. In the past, this waterfall was a sacred place for the local indigenous people.

Waterfall height: 18 meters.

And here’s the first peculiarity of this place – Google says it’s free, but in reality, it’s not. They sell tickets at the entrance, although they aren’t very expensive right now. Perhaps it’s just the beginning because not too long ago, the entrance was free.

The ticket price for Peguche Waterfall is 50 cents

There are several paths leading to the waterfall. One from the top, through the park, and another directly from below. Most tourists usually take the lower path. So, if you want to immerse yourself more in nature, you can choose the upper one. It will lead you to an observation platform in the form of a gazebo, from which you can see the entire waterfall. There are usually fewer people at this viewpoint compared to the lower path.

Водопад Пегуче в Отавало

At the bottom, there’s a small bridge that also offers a good view, and there’s an observation platform at the top from the other side of the waterfall. However, we didn’t go there because it seemed to us that the view might not be as good. There’s also the option to get closer, right up to the waterfall, but you need to pay an additional fee for that. We’re not exactly sure how much it costs, but the fact is you have to pay extra. It was one of the strangest peculiarities we’ve ever seen at natural tourist attractions around the world. They could have just made the entrance fee slightly higher and included everything. Perhaps these fee collectors are not connected to each other, and the money goes into different pockets. However, this is a common practice in Ecuador. A similar situation exists with Pailon del Diablo waterfall near the city of Baños.

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The waterfall is beautiful. But there is also a small park (through which the upper path leads). In this park, you can engage in various activities. There’s even a fairly long and high zip line. And the most interesting thing is that it’s free. Perhaps this is the strangest thing about this place. Of course, we didn’t miss the opportunity to take a ride. We even wanted to go back there the next day for more, but then we just felt lazy to go again. Plus, we wanted to finally finish our thirteenth episode on YouTube. We hope you’ve already watched it!

Водопад Пегуче в Отавало

With love from Ecuador, Vasya and Nastya.

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