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Windsurfing on the MRS, Baikal

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Виндсерфинг на MPC

I can say with confidence that MRS is a fun place. All go there for the weekend to have fun, sunbathe, swim and ride on various water swimming things. But windsurfing on the MRS is not particularly developed, I think. Is it possible there is a weak wind? At least we are the only fools who came with the board. And many thanks to the Almighty for the breeze, which still blew and we had a little practice.

Windsurfing on the MRS

Our camp was formed in the morning not on a very wide cape, reminiscent of a plateau, which thickly flattened from all sides above the level of Lake Baikal. And with that account that point 1 of the above list of entertainments we also attended, in addition, was particularly stressed, and I was a little afraid to realize that there is a five-meter cliff around you.

This promontory divided one large bay into two small ones and the smaller one could ride from shore to shore without worrying about the direction of the wind and not being afraid that you would be carried to the open Baikal. And in theory everything was fine, but in fact it was necessary to feel how the wind actually behaves in such places.

In the middle of the cove, the wind suddenly and unexpectedly subsided and the sail suddenly began to circle in different directions, gradually nailing the windsurf into the parabola of the bay. We realized that our neighboring cape also served as a breakwater for the wind and they simply enveloped themselves in the wind. As a result, the wind was stronger along the shore and almost did not blow in the middle. By the way, if you suddenly want to get into another bay, then you need to take it away from the cape, because otherwise the wind will sharply blow from the other side, and if you do not cover with sail, then you both went forward, so you will go back. But these are just remarks of an inexperienced windsurfer. And I’m not sure if the wind really blows.

Watch our short video from that trip


Kind of klifdiving

The next day we wanted to jump off the cliff, upset that no one had fallen off the cliff at night. Around the water – jump-do not want to! But we did not really want to jump, except that we wanted to jump. The water was cold. It was early summer and it did not warm up at all. And we only had one wetsuit unfortunately, but it was and it was good! Because you can not jump anywhere. It was fairly shallow in places and in a jump you can say goodbye to your heels or head, for example. But in a wet suit and on a board you can swim around and measure the depth. As a result, there are quite a few interesting places to jump from the cape. But still it is very fun to jump into the water from the rocks from any height. The main thing – be extremely careful! And that is the risk of slipping and dying of the rocks, as I almost did when we went to Olkhon last summer. I was lucky to get off with a slight fright and a broken nose!

I’ll finish where I started. MRS is a fun place and if you suddenly do not have a jet ski, you can try what is windsurfing on the MRS

PS: The beach is mostly rocky and it’s very easy to damage your swimming equipment! Consider this and have a great rest!



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