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Sandy Spit. Windsurfing on Lake Baikal

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Команда энтузиастов

Sandy Spit

This trip was the first focused on the Baikal. Before that we already twice this summer we were passing on our wonderful deepest and purest lake in the world, and even floated on Hara-Murino the river right up to the lake and floated somewhere else meters, seven hundred in his mirror-silver surface of a catamaran and a kayak. And this we wrote in our previous article about rafting on langutayskomu threshold. And now we’re going on fourteen kilometer sandy spit. And it is only with the Irkutsk side, but there is still the same with the Buryat side, but little shorter. This wonderful creation of nature Baikal is located about a hundred kilometers from the Baikalsk. But enough numbers! Cause we are already rushing on its edge slicing through the waves by wheels under the almost full moon to finally know what windsurfing on Lake Baikal. At the meeting, we often come across overturned boats, but the driver has at least not sober, but nevertheless skillfully toured all the obstacles on the considerable speeds. We’re a little cooled the engine and on the road to the edge of the spit!


Windsurfing on Lake Baikal

As you’ve probably figured out our night check-in was cheerful and while we arrival the party continued until the morning. Probably about this in more detail the following items describe our video, but now we going enjoy the beautiful sunrise and while the driver is asleep, ride to his car!

Generally Spit – it’s an amazing place that used to be a very popular spot for windsurfers parties now hold competitions here and come ride the few like us. And now the whole windsurfing on Lake Baikal is located in the Grand Goloustnoe.Yes, windsurfers on a sandy spit was not apart from us, and we do not in general, that no windsurfers, as well … party-goers. But the board we still had, and what do you think? Yes! Big and beautiful, but not for newcomers to our great regret. Raise it was difficult even on a hard surface, but when you go out into the bay, wind, wave splash, the water is cold even when you’re in a wetsuit – sail just do not lifting, especially for first attempts. It sticks to the water and turns the board forever, but still need to turn it into the wind, which did not know from where the blows. In general, ride on the bay that day could only one of us, and it was Alexander “Paparazzi” Kuznetsov, who do you think it is? The owner of the board! And we decided to learn in a thirty-meter lake in the middle of the spit, where the waves were smaller, and where there was no flow. And we got a little prepared to ride. You get up, pull slowly, a little lift, turn around in the wind and continue to raise the sail becomes much easier. You just have to keep your balance, reposition legs ahead and close the sail by as much as half of the lake! Our advice: “Do not learn on giant sails – a little fun, but there are … if everything will turn out.”



The morning of the third day. It’s cold and cloudy. Yesterday started dripping rain, until we our finishing their unfinished tea. But still very beautiful! Waves almost like in California long long and smooth, though smallish. Fog. Again, while the driver sleeps, we ride now on his windsurf. You know the saying: “If you suffer a long time, then something happens?”So, I got to drive five meters I guess. The rest of the time – this is where the half an hour of torment with a sail. But these five meters certainly worth it!

his windsurfing on Lake Baikal on this trip was over. Bought in the Gulf, you ought to enjoy the moment while you’re in a wetsuit! And enjoy more when you see long waves and the winsurf board without the sail. After consulting with the guys, I went to ride without a sail. I had to swim in the line-up long and cold. As always happens with the newcomers, they do not feel the wave, when it comes, and when it is as low as all other waves. All the big waves successfully been missed, and made a couple of attempts to ride the wave is not that, but probably still waves. Ride it! And it is a success! Yes, even less than windsurfing and yes as you could jump on board just a run, but this parody of surfing was good, as well as the trip as a whole. And are we going to buy a surf and try to ride in a storm on this sandy spit.


Watch the video about this trip


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