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Windsurfing in Irkutsk

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Виндсёрфинг в Иркутске

Hot day

Last friday 8th June was the unbearable heat forty degrees Celsius. And while all the people sitting out at home or in offices with air conditioning, we decided to take a walk with Nastya’s little sister to the water, on top of the embankment of Irkutsk, and surprisingly there was no less hot. It should have been like something cool, and we decided to go to our friends in the water-sports center near the icebreaker Angara hoping to swim and may be ride on a boards with a sail. If you do not have your own equipment, this windsurf station – the only place where you can learn what is the windsurfing in Irkutsk.

We drove out of the city center, but it seemed an eternity. Stuffy trolley, smoky driver – it may not always be everything is perfect. But maintaining a positive attitude, finally we got to the station, met along the way Paparazzi Sanya, which had gone out on windsurf on the sand bar near Kultushnaya station. Read more about this trip in our article “Baikal. Sandy Spit. Windsurf”.

Windsurfing in Irkutsk

We were a little surprised that there were many people on the evening of Friday, although it was very hot. It can be a gentle breeze? Maybe! But the guys said that, in connection with the reconstruction of the embankment, which is still going on, they closed windsurf-station for two years. So, sadly, they have lost half of the patrons. We hope that in spite of this, the popularity of this sport like windsurfing in Irkutsk restored. After all, people have become much more active in recent years and want to try new outdoor activities and to diversify leisure. Take us, as an example.

We chatted about this and that, dressed, listened to an introductory course, tried to get up on the board on land and set sail. It happened all at once, to our great joy! First stand on the board correctly proved complicated. Stand on the board must be in the straight, and all the time we would try to bend the knees and jutting ass. Sergey, director of the surf station later explained that this snowboard habit and that when you stand straight sails efficiency is much higher. But all the details for a long time to paint, come for a trial lesson, where the instructor will explain you everything and show.



For Nastya it was the first experience of riding on the windsurf board, she has turned out very well stand on the board, sail, even turning, and never fall most importantly. It seems that windsurfing is difficult, but is for one session, you can learn to feel the board and even the wind direction. Walking on the board under a sail is very cool, fun and easy if you understand how. And to understand how to do it, you need to explain it to you well and you will explain in a water-sports center are all very good.

Thank you guys for a lesson! Now we will often come to him at the station for an interesting pastime and good mood. Ride on the sailboard – this is a great way to cool off!

Watch the video about windsurfing in Irkutsk from From with Love


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