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The story about how we have made the halfpipe in wild mountains

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Halfpipe Халфпайп на Мамае

During the opening of the freeride season on Mamay mountain, just before returning home, I (Vasya describes) finally decided to go for a ride somewhere closer by the winter hut, where we spent the night. The most closest slope was “Avalanche rollout” from the “Watchtower” mountain. This is a very picturesque place with beautiful big and pinnacles at the narrowest point of descent, which I decided to ride down. The descent was interesting but short. Staying on the flat spot on the knee in the pow in the tremendous level gutter, very useful in the formation of a natural halfpipe, I did not pay much attention to the terrain. I select from the ditch and went into the winter hut. And later, when I went to bed at home, I began to chase mind vivid memories of the weekend. Again, I saw this picture and realized that it was a very good preparation for a halfpipe.

How to build a halfpipe on Mamay

We missed some pretty cold weekend and next went to embody the idea into reality. We were very lucky that we went on Thursday night and we had two and a half days for that deal. Otherwise, we would not have had time. Because asleep on Friday at 6 am, we woke up at 9, we had breakfast and recovered building. Upon arrival, it seemed that Mamay checks our intentions on the strength of the terrible weather. There was a strong wind, the snow was falling and visibility was almost zero. But we arrived and immediately began to build without any hesitation, as if we had our whole lives building the halfpipes. During the day the weather changed 10 times, the snow and the wind, blue sky and calm. And we spent 5 hours and managed to form a halfpipe and snow cut out of it 15 meters ready halfpipe. It’s like a sculpture. Tired to horror, and I even earned hypertonicity on my right hand.

The second day also surprised variable weather, we got up early and spent 4 hours before dinner time to finish the job. Halfpipe turned 25 meters in length and a little more than two meters in height, we forget to measure the width. Although the terrain and snow conditions permit to do it twice bigger, we had to keep the time to take a ride in it.

Unfortunately, time and effort to have very little riding on snowboards really we did not have time, thinking that Sunday morning will ride with fresh forces. A force that can and increased, but fatigue is not exactly diminished. Go to ride in the morning is not very desirable, but not in vain that build and overcame laziness, we went to ride and shoot. What eventually filmed, watch this video:


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