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Wakeboard in Irkutsk

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Вейкборд в Иркутске

Summer is coming to an end, and it really can be called our most aqueous summer. Aqua Park, a series of alloys, windsurfing on Lake Baikal in Irkutsk, sap-boarding, boating and swimming in Lake Baikal, not to mention the move to the other floating vessels, such as steam and strange fiberglass board, like a sap. And this time, finally it came to a wakeboard. We all summer dream to ride on it, and, behold, it happened. Everything happened quite unexpectedly, it was a warm day – the last before this series of protracted august rains, which then caused flooding in the Irkutsk region. We did not know that we will go to ride, going about our business, but it is a chance and an hour later we were already on the Wake Up wake-station. There is a certain pleasure in such unexpected moments – it’s like a pleasant surprise. And here are our impressions of what a wakeboard in Irkutsk.


Wakeboard in Irkutsk

What can I say, wakeboarding for us – it’s not so cheap sport like snowboarding. Otherwise, we would not have waited all summer. By the way, these two sports are very similar. Boards, bindings, boots, stand, and even then it is necessary to use the rope way. But in order to ride a snowboard, you can climb the mountain yourself, then go wakeboarding without a winch is unfortunately impossible. Although not necessary, but then you at least need a boat or a watercraft, plus a means to deliver it all to the reservoir. In general, if you do not go into the technical details, wakeboarding – is the same as snowboarding, only on the melted snow. More precisely we can say that is closer to the freeride. Because the weight of the body should be kept on the back foot and the nose of the board is always above the water. But jibbing and freestyle course differ. It is very tough to land a plane on water, and when you jump on a snowboard, the smooth entry into the landing. On the other hand fall into the water certainly more pleasant than on the “concrete” receiver of kicker.


Alternative to snowboarding

Summarizing, wakeboard – a good alternative to snowboarding in the summer. Especially, in order to maintain their skills in freestyle and jibbing. We skated for only 10 minutes and we had enough for the first time. But those who have never stood on a board have to complicated. We watched as one a novice, for example, within 10 minutes of time rode on the board a total of maximum 5 seconds, and if you’ve never stood on a board, you should be prepared for the fact that it will take more time to learn. But it’s definitely worth it! And we are very happy that we tried and that wakeboard in Irkutsk is gaining its popularity. And thank so much to Pasha!


See our small video with cool tricks from Pavel Solodov


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