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Two weeks on Jeju, South Korea. Part 1

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As soon as you cross the border between two Asian countries, you see a big difference between people and their cultures. And if they ask me: “With what word do I primarily associate Korea?”, I will answer without delay: “Curiosity!”. If the Japanese and especially the girl Japanese often look away, the Koreans look at you as if they never saw a white man in their life, and if they pass by, then as if the owls turn their heads 180 degrees. For example, once we came to Busan and took a rest, how the Korean man sat down and started asking questions: where are you from? Do you like Korea? what brand of laptop? and so on. People on Jeju are even more curious. The second thing that almost immediately catches your eye is of course the appearance. As the saying goes: “Meet on the clothes …”. If the Japanese went exclusively in tuxedos or uniforms, then here everything is in sports suits. And here is a paradox – the Japanese are mostly slender, and Koreans are to say the least complete. The third thing that caught my eye was garbage. Well, the fourth is an incredibly sharp meal. So sharp that I had a nosebleed twice.

Busan – Jeju Island

Since there is nothing special to do in Pusan, we took a couple of days to find a way to get to Jeju Island. At first we wanted to sail by ferry, but when we found out the cost (about 7500 rubles for two) of the cheapest place in probably the fifty-bed cabin on the floor. And so sail for 20 hours. They decided to look for other options and found tickets for a plane for 5117 rubles for two. Jeju Air is a low-coster, but luggage is 10 kilograms per person. Our backpack weighed a little more, but they did not even say anything to us, our skateboards were allowed to take to the plane, and when we flew back we surrendered them to luggage. Return tickets went 3393 rubles for two.

Jeju Island is an island of volcanic origin. Here all of the petrified lava: houses, sidewalks, fences, statues of a kind old man with a head in the form of a man’s dignity and with bulging eyes. But in addition – this is the place where you can not speak ill of the Koreans. After all, as soon as we started discussing them, the weather immediately went bad and either the wind began to demolish our tent or it became cold and gloomy.

Two weeks camping

After resting for a couple of days at the hotel, we took our backpacks and just set off towards the sea, looking out the orange fields on the road, which we will not return to later. We did not have a plan, we just wanted to find a classy place under a tent on the beach and with a view of the sea and live there for a couple of days. When you are on a long journey, almost everything happens unexpectedly, whether bad or good is not important. Plans also unexpectedly crumble, as others appear. At the end of two months we will understand that planning is one of the most important rules in the round-the-world trip. In the meantime, we stopped in a wooden and very massive pavilion from, approximately, a 40th round log to make coffee.

– O! I found camping on the map!

– Yes? Long away?

– No, we are just going in his direction, along the shore a kilometer two.

– Well, let’s see what kind of camping there is and if there is any at all!

And now, this unexpected finding of just one point on the map, led us along a very beautiful promenade, along a lava cut by waves, to the place that caused incredible childish delight.

– Afiget, there are tents! … We will not be alone! … Right on the beach! … And wi-fi!

Opposite us, the guys played beach volleyball, nearby beginners surfers learned to get up on the board, and along the beach lovers walked in identical clothes and did selfies. Well, we already found a great place and started to put up a tent.

So day after day we began to get used to the tent life. On the second day, of course, We wanted to take a shower.

– We went to the surf station, asked the guys?!

No one was at the surf station, we rummaged in there, found a shower, we decided to wait and after ten minutes wewent to the beach. There were practically no waves, but some guy was teaching a young couple to stand on the board. He soon freed himself and headed towards us.

– Hi!

– Hi guys!

– Do you work as an instructor on a surf station?

– Yes.

– We live in a camping nearby and want to ask if you can take a shower in your station?

– O! I need to ask my boss.

– Okay, let’s go! – he answered soon and in five minutes we were already kayfovali under the shower.

The next quest was the search for the rossettes. Japan has spoiled us with rosettes at every step. Here we did not immediately realize that we need to look into the boxes of electrical flaps. And again, by sheer coincidence, Nastya found in one of them a rosette right next to our tent, but she turned out to be de-energized and we went to open all the scutes in the area. We found one under the porch of the rescue station and all two weeks were charged there. We came to sit on skateboards and covered themselves with a sleeping bag. And there was another option in a dark boiler room around the corner, and we used it when there was a strong wind. One boiler was turned off and we stuck a laptop into a single free outlet. And after a while, just left there a backpack with a laptop and went for a walk.

Sunsets and Hurricane

The first week we did not know grief. Every evening some incredible sunsets, then the whole embankment became in the lights, on the shore the fireworks exploded and we drank coffee on the bench or walked along the beach. By the way, all this time on Jeju Island we just left our things in the tent and left for two hours, sometimes three, surfing or somewhere in the supermarket to the city center or went to the fish market with Mr. Lee. We did not lock the tent on the key, not only because we did not have a key, but also because we were sure that everything would be all right with the things!

But soon everything changed. An incredibly large cyclone arrived, which covered not only the island but in general all of South Korea. On the first and the harshest night of bad weather, we kept a tent so that it would not be blown away with us, tied it for everything that could and was enclosed by a wall half a meter high. She was throbbed in the wind like a flag and this endless knocking was driving me crazy and did not let me sleep. At night, when we did fall asleep, this nightmare increased, the wind chattered about the tent so Nastia’s ears ached on the morning. And although, in the daytime the weather became a little better, we decided to move to the woods on a hillock. And it was a damn right decision, because towards the night the wind again gained its power and after that it did not stop for three days already.

  Round the world, South Korea
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