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Two weeks on Jeju. Part 3: Hallasan

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Вид на Халласан

The kind God of the island of Jeju – an old man with a head-member was not very kind to us. We decided that he did not want to show us the most beautiful and interesting places of his island. After all, before the failure at the finish line in front of the cave, we almost exactly could not get to the main attraction of the island – the volcano Hallasan.

Birthday at Hallasan

It was the second day of our life on the island, and it was Nastin’s twenty-eighth birthday. The morning began just fabulously. We woke up in a soft crib surrounded by a complete mess in our hotel room. No, this is a good hotel and we had a nice and clean room. But our camp tent was drying on the balcony, the rucksacks were lying on the floor, the rugs were dried near the walls, and things hung everywhere where it could be: on hangers, on doors, on a television set and even on floor lamps. Believe me, it was a funny picture. After taking a shower, we went down to breakfast and finally satiated to full of delicious snacks from the buffet, then collected a backpack and set out on the way to Hallasan, which was not at all close.

We had to walk about 13 kilometers to the national reserve, which was at the foot, and then another eight kilometers to the top of the volcano. And after only a kilometer, we realized that we went to the mountains, and dressed quite easily and did not even take a pair of windbreakers. The first part of the road ran along a deserted gravel road along an endless cemetery. But the cemetery was not at all horrible and did not even evoke any feelings of dislike. It was a square piece of land with an area of ​​about a hundred to five hundred square meters, enclosed by a small wall of lava stones with mounds in the middle and with small marble plaques along one of the walls. Apparently these were family graves.

Passing the cemetery, we drove the forest path for another three kilometers and went to the track, after which we could go hitchhiking right into the national reserve. The entrance to the national reserve is conditionally free, there is a large parking lot, toilets, a hotel and an information center. But it’s the most pleased us, so it’s snow! Snowdrifts melted, but there was snow everywhere. It’s great! We missed the snow! We fed the crows with biscuits and began their ascent. Gone free of charge past the checkpoint and up the trail.


The path to the top is not complicated and very crowded. Steps and wooden bridges make it easier to walk. Every minute you meet or overtake other tourists, both young and retired. Second, by the way, more than the first. Hot. Passing through the wooded ascent, we went to the mountain meadows, densely overgrown with low bushes, so that the path can not make a step. There are many observation platforms along the way, but nothing is visible. Could this be, or the fog. But we not see the horizon and the coast.

And here we are at an altitude of about one thousand seven hundred meters above sea level. Here are the houses of the reserve rangers, the café and the toilet that do not work. And a lot of tourists and a sign that the trail is under reconstruction and no one is allowed. And the path – like a path, you can go. We had a eat and decided to pass by the sign, but we were called and just poked a finger at the sign, saying: “What, you the smartest?”. Meanwhile, a couple of tourists came from the top along this very path. No wonder, after all, they probably got to the top on the other side. But the question is, why can we go down, but not upwards? And why can not the tourists be warned downstairs so that they do not go eight km up the in vain?

Later, from a bird’s eye view, we will still see the hollow of the Hallasan volcano and the azure lake inside when we fly all over the island to Jeju-Air, but we will not return again. Also, as we forget that we wanted to go to the cave once more. Maybe another time. While we will be content with the process, not the result, it is said that this is not the main thing.

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