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Улицы Токио

Tokyo and not only

The fifth day in Tokyo. Today for the first time in our journey it began to rain. We sit in McDonald’s and watch how the road workers measure something. Life here is boiling again, and we finally have a little time to cool down, in front of the road to Fukuoka. Home problems do not let us go, but on the contrary attract more than ever. Already, our further trip is under big question, and yet we are still at the starting point. So, please, once again, you wish us luck!

We were very tired all these four days, so that the joys became questionable. But we made this choice ourselves. We drove on skateboards throughout Tokyo for two days in a row, and on the third day we just walked. But despite the great fatigue and pain in his legs, we saw in this a few indubitable pluses.

Interesting places.

Many times like only the eye fell on something traditional or unusual, we are turned and then got into some quiet interesting places, practically without other tourists. We plunged into the ordinary life of local people: watched football and baseball trainingы, walked through shaded mini parks with illuminated paths and traditional style gazebos, watched fascinating ceremonies in temples, and simply drove on skateboards in the middle of the roadway. During these four days, it seemed we went all over Tokyo thats, but having risen 202 meters to the observation platform on the 45th floor of the building of the Tokyo mayor’s office, we realized that this is far from the case. Tokyo did not end on the horizon. But every evening before going to bed, we spent an hour and a half chatting with Chris about hikes, work out, traditions and even a little about politics.

Now about Tokyo

Architecture. As you understand, Tokyo is simply huge! But nevertheless, all the houses here are absolutely different and at the same time in the same style. When you look at buildings, you understand how rich the imagination of architects is, how much technology of construction is developed and how much they do not skimp on using them.

Food. Driving everywhere on the skateboard, we kept shouting: “How delicious it smells!”.  Japanese traditional cuisine is very fragrant and all the little that we tasted was very tasty! In supermarkets everything is a little different and much more expensive. Sometimes it’s even cheaper to eat in a cafe than to cook it yourself. We hope that with food it will be easier.

Travel by public transport. The travel by public transport is expensive, but given the distance, this is entirely logical. We mostly moved around the surface but when we gоt tired we used the subway. For all time saw only three skateboards riders. Many locals ride by bicycle. There are many bike parks and bicycles nobody even fastens.

People. All people are very friendly. People always smiled and bowed to us. They are hardworking, punctual and follow the rules. But, most likely, if you are a tourist and a little violate these rules, they will not stop you and be scold you for it. They speak sonorous and melodious!

Chris Kim. This is the guy from whom we stayed for 4 days. He was born in Korea. He studied for 12 years in the United States and has been working in Tokyo for 10 years in a large company on the 25th floor overlooking the whole city and the Fuji volcano. He is 38 years old. Every day after work he goes to the gym. We lived like at home. His apartment on the 13th floor s not great with an excellent view of the city i but it has everything you need and there is nothing superfluous. We slept on the floor in a separate room with partitions in Japanese style.

Chris is very sociable, likes to go hiking in the mountains with his team, he was on Fuji three times and seems on all the mountains in the district. On the second day he prepared breakfast for us, and today he gave us an umbrella and a bottle of energy drink for goodbye. And apparently because of the energy drink I printed a lot of words 🙂

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