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Peak Chersky

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Пик Черского на джипе

At the beginning of this autumn we went to the peak Cherskiy by jeep Land Crauser Prado. On this route, each of us went for the first time and we almost did not know the road. We looked at the map on the Internet, read the information, ask friends, but I still do not fully understand how to pitch to the peak Cherskiy by jeep. One thing we were sure, we need to get to the ridge Qamar.
So, first it was necessary to know where to turn from Kultuk tract, argued a little, turned onto the road leading in to Arshan village where the first reference point for going on a gravel road became a Bistraya river. We missed a turn. Returned. We had to move down the road a little before reaching the bridge over the Bistraya river. Next, you need to follow straight to the swamp, where it will be turned aside to the right and begin a real jeeping. The road is only one. We are on the whole extent of our way every now and then met with pine nut gatherers camp. The road is not easy, especially after the rain, a lot of wetlands and deep traces from the GAS 66. But if you have the tires of 33 inches that you will pass without any problems. We sometimes had difficulties in large puddles, deep ruts and large stones and then sticking the middle of the road. And we went on the 32-inch tires.

Unfortunately, in the totality of the circumstances were such that we are reaching the rocky area, have not been able to overcome it, although there were only 4 kilometers to the weather station. After spending the night, we came home and did not reach the goal. We hope you have better luck. Our advice: Watch the weather before you go, check out of the town in earlier and be more patient in the passage of the obstacles! And while you can get acquainted with the road to the peak Cherskiy, watching our short video.

Video from tour to the peak Cherskiy by jeep


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