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Through Osaka to Hiroshima

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We decided to advance to Osaka early in the morning. Kana so quickly ran away on some business to the university, that we did not have time to make a photo with her in memory. Photographed with Haruko and moved on foot to the station Katsura, where we had to take the train. We later realized that we could sit down at the station Katsuragawa, next to which we lived. Oh, by the way, about the train! As it turned out, there is a metro line between Kyoto and Osaka, along which there are express trains and ordinary electric trains. The second is cheaper and the journey takes approximately 40 minutes.


In Osaka, we wanted to visit the Japan Sumo Championship. And since no one answered us by couchsurfing, we did not want to search for places for the tent, because this city is not small. We immediately took a bus ticket to the city of Hiroshima and we had 2 hours for walk and look around city.

When we got out of the bus station, we saw into turmoil. People are racing, cars are buzzing. For us it was a small shock after the rather quiet outskirts of Kyoto. Skyscrapers, signs, city bustle and Osaka led us by a very bright and beautiful sunset, under which I immediately fell asleep, and slept all 4 hours that we went to Hiroshima.

Night in a tent in the city of Hiroshima

We arrived in Hiroshima late in the evening and realized that we had not found a lodging for the night. In addition, we realized that there was no point in this, because on the clock was already about midnight. And the hostels here at all not cheap. Therefore, without losing time and charge the battery on the phone, we went on to find a place for the tent. At night Hiroshima seemed to us rather creepy. It seems that somewhere on the mountain some of the mansions shone, but here under the mountain it was quiet and gloomy. We pass the courtyard where a lonely guy at a bus stop dances the bottom break dance, then the cemetery and a narrow winding street leading up the hill.

Search for a place for a tent

We, as usual, were looking for a green spot on the map, but at that time it was already so dark and creepy that we just got up near some houses near the mountain. We quickly set up the tent and for about five minutes we listened to the surrounding situation. In the forest all the time branches cracked and it seemed that now someone would come out of there. But, realizing that these are just monkeys, we plunge into sleep.

We got up and got ready early in the morning, while the people on the street were not there yet. In Seven-Eleven, at the station, we bought a mug of coffee and, until no one else saw, we poured four more times into it. Hiroshima in the afternoon is an ordinary modern Japanese city with a developed infrastructure. The buildings are not old, but they do not look so that the city somehow rebuilt. But still, being here you feel somehow different than anywhere else. I think even in Chernobyl there would not be such a feeling, because there time has stopped, but here life goes on.

Karp Castle

Approaching the castle grounds, we thought that now we again have to pay for the entrance, but the entrance was free. This is a wooden log building, than it resembles the old Russian church. And it differs from it only in traditional cascading roof in the form of a dragon. Inside did not go, for the entrance had to pay, but did a couple of dozen frames where the passage was closed.

Oh, these Japanese

In Hiroshima, we decided not to linger and began to look for ways to get a little closer to Fukuoka. Vasya decided to ask a couple of local girls who somehow speak English, do they know the cheapest way to get to a neighboring city in the direction of Fukuoka. But since the question was not unambiguous, it immediately put them at a dead end. Unfortunately it turned out that the students were waiting for their group, which quickly came to our rescue. And now there are twenty people, led by the teacher, the goal of sending us to Fukuoka. We waited the info center opened. They printed out a map for us, how to find a suitable bus. And we just wanted to know the price of tickets. Well, we hardly got away from them, having thought up a stupid reason and followed the fifth mug of coffee. Japanese responsiveness knows no bounds.

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