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South Korea. Results: road, food, prices, housing

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Южная Корея

To begin with, for us, the coolest thing in this country seemed to be how people love nature. Not in the plan – to go to the river to drink beer, and in the straight – from small to large people, everyone likes to walk in the woods, go to the mountains, spend the night in tents. And although, to admit, they do it very peculiarly, but we must give them their due! But still South Korea has become very curious for us, a little uncultured and very sharp. I once read a story, as one traveler was surrounded by a lot of curious penguins in Antarctica, who looked into his mouth when he ate something. Perhaps the Koreans originated from those same penguins, but whatever it is, except bewilderment and embarrassment, you do not feel any aggression or danger.

South Koreans and their architecture

It seems that they are masters at home, because on any pavement for them the rule “Local people first” and also that they know that they do not pay taxes in vain, because the janitors will still be cleaned, yes?

We always notice a gradient in the changing cultures and appearance of the peoples of Southeast Asia. And the Koreans move this slider to the left. That is closer to China than to Japan. And it’s right, because nobody here likes Japan and it’s better not to mention this country here at all. But guys, with whom you are led, from that and you will be typed! And China has a bad influence on this funny nation. After all, the tiles to the parapets and facades are not so well adhered here, they do not use garbage cans at all, here the views on architecture are more communistic and here the largest number of useless fitness equipment for sport. Yes, it seems that sharp and fat Korean food wins in a fight with the government, which is trying to save the people from the problem of obesity.

Okay, not so bad as it seems, it’s not for nothing that we spent here a month and a half. It’s beautiful here, damn it! Nature is beautiful, accessible and safe. A lot of things on Jeju, on the way to Seoul, you can see waterfalls and mountains, and around Seoul you can walk around the national parks. They know that it is expensive to demolish houses, but it is better to improve and put stunning sculptures at every step. In the daytime it’s gray, and at night – all the signs brightly and stylishly paint the darkness. There are still beautiful and well-kept city parks, where there is always a new clean toilet with a rosette, soap and toilet paper. And there is an impression that they care for plants better than for themselves.


I think the food in South Korea divides people into two types: those who fall in love with it and those who, after trying once, will never try again. We treat the second. It is good that in this country in every supermarket you can buy a gas bottle and cook yourself a meal. But what to cook when the products in the stores are expensive? That’s right, noodles! But also from noodles can burn all inside, so we bought it in packs of ten pieces without seasoning and added soy sauce – so tastier and cheaper. No, twice we tried to order some dishes in some cafes, but the first time my from nose go blood, and in the second – Nastya so choked with this sharpness that she did not want to try more. And what is there to try, when the whole taste is interrupted by this infernal witticism? In addition, the specifics of local dishes did not support our appetite, because algae, which are here – on the beach after low tide women collect all the crowd, swim in a bowl of soup and do not give it aesthetics.

We have a faithful companion, who should always be with us. It’s coffee. And coffee Koreans like, but why, even in the largest supermarkets, it is difficult to find good coffee? Why do they buy it soluble in large packages of several kilograms? Probably, in grains is expensive? But the finished one will still be more expensive! We were lucky, on the second day on Jeju, we bought at a discount an eight hundred gram of ground coffee brand “No brand” and cooked it for almost a month.

Of course, with the amount of coffee that we poured into ourselves during the day, we had to take something “for tea.” And so we sat down on the choco pies, that the breaking did not stop for another couple of months. But how else, if in Russia, the box costs several times more, of course it is necessary to take it! “But in addition, you get six hundred grams of oatmeal at a cost of half that, buy right now …” – our greed told us. All this, sweet “juice” and another Eskimo for twenty rubles per piece slowly turned us into fat people. Then we still did not run every morning along the sea.

On Jeju we had our own brazier, and we could afford to sometimes fry a chicken, sausages or bacon on coals and it was fucking great!

Expensive South Korea …

Transport: 13068 rubles.

The second month of travel has already gone, and we are still shy in the way of hitch-hiking. Therefore, while it is morally easier for us to spend money on a bus than talking with strangers. Buses are expensive, but much cheaper than in Japan. For a hundred kilometers about three hundred rubles per person. Hitch-hike we drove in the amount of kilometers fifty from Pohang to the waterfalls and back. From Seoul to the neighboring cities within a radius of seventy kilometers can be reached by metro. The subway from the center of Seoul to the island of Nami cost about two hundred and seventy rubles per person in one way. Well, I almost forgot about the planes to Jeju and back – it’s half the total amount.

Food: 27,226 rubles for a month and a half.

Now I’m writing and horrified – it’s somehow incredibly expensive! It can not be! But whether it is South Korea is so expensive, or whether we simply did not know how to plan our costs. We are already five months in the road and now we have enough food for ten thousand a month. Yes, everything comes with experience! Perhaps this figure can still be reduced.

Accommodation: 14800 rubles.

We spent the fifth part of this sum in Nastya’s birthday for two nights in a good hotel on Jeju Island. Prior to that, lived three nights in a hostel in Busan and spent 2,840 for two and it seemed normal to us. Now for us five hundred rubles a night for two – it’s already expensive. The rest Seoul. There we spent an average of five hundred rubles per person per day on the cheapest options.

Couchsurfing in South Korea for us was not. Half to ignore, the rest either went somewhere, or already accepted someone. In this country for a month and a half no one has ever sheltered us. We concluded that the Koreans sit on the, only to communicate with the Americans. And in general, America has a very strong influence on their culture. But it’s not surprising if their embassy in Seoul is directly opposite the palace of the emperor.

We did not include the cost of any household items such as gas or shampoo, as well as the costs of take in public baths. And in the end, South Korea devoured half of our budget. I do not want to come back here, to live – even more so. But everything would be different if the locals are at least a bit like Vietnamais, Laotians, Thais or Japanese. But they are Chinese. And the next chapter of our blog will be about them, about the Chinese. And it seems, about this huge country of words will be much less.


  1. The first and most important advice and rule that South Korea has taught us is – plan your budget!
  2. Be prepared for unhealthy attention to your person and do not attach much importance to this.
  3. Do not go to the volcano Halasan from the east, there is a chance not to reach the top, it is better to go from the west.
  4. In the campings to the east of the city of Jeju there is nothing to do.
  5. On Jeju, use buses, there they are inexpensive and you can get to another part of the island, for example, to the cave, without a transfer.
  6. For recharging techniques, look for boxes on poles, they can have rosete.
  7. If you do not like the hot spicy – say it in advance, but be ready, that is not even sharp – it can be very spicy.
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