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Smurfs day! Blueberries Thursday!

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За черникой

Go gather blueberries – smurfberries

Irkutsk is quite beautiful in terms of architecture, but rather sad in terms of organization of parks and landscaping. Although there seemed to be enough of trees, but for some reason there is no normal well-kept park, where it would be nice to sit, relax or work out. In this city still lacks harmony with nature. And if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature, you need go out of the city and the better the farther. And how to go into the forest and spend the day usefully and with the benefit? Of course gather a bucket – another some good stuff that he presents to us. We have long wanted to go for berries and waited for the moment when it is ripe. But we did not know exactly where to go. But parents went for blueberries and we have successfully dropped them “on the tail”.

Why we called this berries smurfberries? Because when you gathering it, it paints your hands, lips, tongue, clothes and shoes. And you become a smurf. Tip number one: “If it is convenient, then try gather it in rubber gloves, especially girls who love nail polish and so on, it very difficult in cleansing!” And the second reason – this berry smurfucking delisious. And after you try it, blue hands – does not matter now.


Where is it gather?

You need to go to the Difficult station. There is the so-called “blueberries place”. If you think that you can go out of the train at any station and go deep in the forest, and you will find blueberries, you are wrong. On the each station growing different berries, or do not growing at all.  But judging by the people who fell out of the train at this station, it was evident that something growing on this station and in large quantities. And it is true. We are less than two kilometers away, we stumbled upon a vast plantation of blueberries. But we gathered just seven liters of berries, because our backs are quickly tired and we sat down for drink a cup of coffee and enjoy the forest, and even take pictures.  Although the berries can bring in twice as much and would give you a try. But it is not enough for us. Ride and gather yourselves, now you know where. There’s still a lot!


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