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Shimonoseki and Fukuoka

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After a lot of thinking and searching how it’s cheaper to get from Hiroshima to Fukuoka, we took the train to Shin Yamaguchi. Yes, it’s not Fukuoka at all, but we wanted to go through some part of the way hitchhiking.  Especially since we still had time. But when we came to this town and got almost to the highway something went wrong.

Shin-Yamaguchi – Shimonoseki

We stood a little at the beginning of the motorway and realized that there was nothing to catch and went to the sea on the usual road. But before they could walk ten meters, the cops stopped us. It turned out that we were catching a car near the police station. The town of Shin-Yamaguchi is rather small and apparently the cops became bored, because it seemed that they just decided to talk with us. The girl-cop with a serious expression of the person wrote down the data of our passport, and the man-cop through Google-translator asked us questions.

– What are you doing here?
– Just we go towards the sea! – answered Vasya, but they were not satisfied with this answer, apparently it was necessary more specifically and another cop repeated the question through an interpreter.

– We’re going to the railway station. – I said, sharply changing direction.

– Where did you stay?

– Nowhere, we’re going to Fukuoka.

– All right, show your passports!

They checked the visa, recorded our data and let us go, saying that we no longer skated on the roads on skateboards. We did not have to pretend that we were going to the station. We really decided that it is better to take the train to Shimonoseki to avoid another meeting with the police in this city.

How warm it is here!

Hello Shimonoseki – another city that was not on our list.It’s already evening, but it’s so warm that I could not even believe it. Throughout Japan it became cold in the evening and we froze. With the couchsurfing, we again failed – there is nothing to do, we need to spend the night in a tent. In the meantime, we walked along the quay and searched for a place under the tent, watched local attractions and admired the high California palm trees. We had a feeling that we were not in Japan.

After an hour or two,we already very tired decided to cook and eat on the bench in a small square on the waterfront. We saw a place behind some monument.

– Everything, let’s put a tent here? We will rise, as usual early, while nobody is come.
– Come on!

And in the morning, we surprisingly in time woke up and collected a tent. After all, as soon as we got together and wanted to sit down to make coffee, a crowd of chatty and very noisy Chinese tourists came running.

California in Japan

We had breakfast in American style, toast with jam and banana, and coffee. And then we drove along the embankment on skateboards. Walking and ride on skateboards here for half a day, did not want to leave, so we liked it here. High palm trees, heat, beautiful and very large embankment. A pair of fishermen were fishing near the lighthouse. One suggested Vasya try to fish. Showed how to do everything and here’s luck – twice in two fish! The fishermen applauded, we thanked them and drove on, faced with the problem of getting to the other side of the bay and once again decided not to muddle hitch-hiking, but to take the bus. Only an hour – and we are in Fukuoka.


After a two-week race in Japan, we just needed a rest. With the search for housing on couchsurfing did not work, all for the weekend and vacations somewhere left. And still, I was so anxious to take a shower, that we went in search of a local public bath, which here is called onsen. And while we were searching, we went to a couple of tourist places. We found one small onsen, where only the local, all in a simple way, at home, where kindly women did not even say anything about tattoos, only gestured that everything was good. I went take a shower, and Vasya had to wait for me, because there was not enough cash. A good-natured Japanese woman told me what to do and how. Well, as she said, a couple of phrases in English, she knew, and everything else showed. In onsen there are two rooms, one for female, the other for male. First, you sit down on the stool, wash yourself, and then into the hot pool and sit there. I will not say that I love sauna, but it was fun to sit in hot water. I came out of the bathhouse clean, pleased and well refreshed and we went to the park in search of a place under the tent.

Just Skateboarding

The last day in Fukuoka, we decided to rest, not to hurry anywhere and not even to walk. We reached another park and fell apart on the grass, ate, and Vasya even slept. Towards evening came a guy who skated very skateboarding. Vasya just opened his eyes and immediately went to him. And the first day in two weeks in Japan, we just skateboarding. Not on the roads, not on the sidewalks, but simply went for a ride n skateboards. The guy’s name is Hiromasa, and he’s so cool and easy to do everything, that we just looked and each time exclaimed “Wow!” He came with his family, his wife and his little son. After a little rides on skateboard, he drove them home, and later returned for us, and we went to the sea port to ride in a mini ramp. That day, Vasya went for a drive, and I just rested, because my legs were out of order and I decided to regret them. Hiromasa brought us to the Seven-Eleven, we charged telephone and went to the park in the same place.

Again we are in a hurry

We woke up a little later than we wanted, plus we gathered for a long time and realized that we were already late for our ferry to Korea. And we riding on skateboards through half of the city like mad. Apparently this should have been for us Japan. A bit hasty, fast, but still interesting and unpredictable. We were very fond of this country and it was even a pity to leave it so quickly.

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