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Results of Japan. Road, food, housing, prices

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Япония. Храм на горе

Japan … Let’s start with the fact that we are writing this report in Vietnam, after more than two months. Therefore, some impressions are not so fresh and bright, but they are genuine and most memorable. We will try to describe our emotions in general about this wonderful country, we will tell about how we ate, where we lived, how we moved, what we did and how much we spent. And also, since we have already traveled three countries after, that is a good opportunity to tell about what Japan in comparison with South Korea, China and Vietnam. It looks like there will be a lot of text, we will try without water, but maybe somewhere we will have to repeat ourselves.

Japan is the number one country

Guys, honestly, we are very happy that we started our travel from Japan! We were delighted not only from Tokyo, but also from the whole country as a whole: from provincial towns and from megacities, from nature and from architecture, from people, from their culture and from food. When we arrived in Korea, we realized that if we started with it, we might also have gone and admired, because, otherwise, we would have fallen into another world. But after Japan, we know that Korea is not good! Heaven and earth. And still, Japan remains for us in the first place and gives the rest of the countries of Southeast Asia a hundred points ahead.

Our impressions of Japan

First – architecture

The architecture is so original, unusual, diverse, stylish and quality that it is difficult to find two identical buildings. All of them are different, all different colors, from different materials, different shapes, but at the same time are in the same style. It can be seen that everything is done one hundred percent, from idea to implementation. Their designers and architects are just mega respect! Materials and performance of quality, nowhere does nothing fall off, if compared with the same China – everything, even new, looks, not finished and dirty. If you are tired of urban monotony – go to Tokyo and get an architectural shock!

The second – is culture

There are many Japanese people, and they have few land, small houses and apartments. Rather, they are able to appreciate their space and use it competently. In their arrangement there is nothing superfluous. And we are not talking about trivialities and all sorts of junk, but about furniture. There are no sofas, chairs, large tables and cabinets all over the wall. For example, house in Kyoto Haruko and Kana in the living room where we lived, there were only soft tatami from straw zinc, on the floor, two small computer-based IKEA tables and TV tables that they did not see. The living room from the kitchen was separated by a screen – Fusuma. Kim in his small apartment in Tokyo had the same minimalism. Even in the supermarket, the cashier will add all your products in a neat way to a small package in the most optimal way.

The Japanese are very polite, skip on sidewalks and roads, sometimes even if they are green. They often tend and smile. The most important thing is that you feel sincerity. Koreans and Chinese are the absolute opposite! The Vietnamese are also very friendly and smiling, but on the answer: “Hello!”, You can hear in the back: “Fuck You!”. We say to them Russian: “Hello!”.

The Japanese are very courteous. When Vasya we were in the public toilet to the waist naked, the people who came in did not stare, but immediately looked away at the floor and in a way that would not embarrass.

The Japanese are neat and clean and although it is often difficult to find a garbage can on their streets – it’s clean everywhere. In Korea, garbage cans are separate at every step, but Koreans can not reach them even a couple of meters, and throw everything so under their feet. The nature of Japan also retains its original appearance and is not clogged by man.

In addition, it can be seen that Japan is a very developed country, and the Japanese are a wealthy nation. It can be seen that people here are not at all poor and not greedy for money. They have a lot of free attractions and even very cool. Observation platform in the height of 202 meters in the building of the Tokyo mayor’s office is a striking example of this. Almost at every step the sockets are right outside. In Korea, too, you can find socets, but half will be de-energized. One man drove us up and gave 7000 yen to the bus, although the tickets cost less. City parks are free and well equipped. Sometimes we spent the night in the parks in the tent. In China, this was much more difficult, since many parks are paid and closed for the night.


All five days that we drove on skateboards in Tokyo, we said one thing: “How delicious smells!”. Soy sauce decides! Now the bottle of sauce is always in our backpack! Food is not acute, tasty, unusual. And although we often bought in supermarkets and cooked ourselves, sometimes we managed to try something local in some eatery. Miso with mussels – very simple and cheap, but very rich and fragrant. Rolls and sushi are delicious and fresh even in supermarkets. Kus-kus cooked by Kanoi was awesome. Sprouted sprouts of soya “Moyasi” with noodles, sea cabbage and soy sauce – a super cheap option, but it’s a great combination!

Nature of Japan

We visited the National Park “Five Lakes” at the foot of Fujiyama, where we walked along the mountain path, which offers beautiful views of the famous volcano and descended into the windy cave where the entrance was only 300 rubles for two, more for the entrance nowhere and nothing to pay was not necessary . Visited the waterfall Shiraito. And also went along the mountain path to Kyoto, where there is a very beautiful, tall and wild bamboo forest, a park of monkeys and a wonderful view of the city. In general, the forests of Japan are very beautiful and clean, and huge voluminous shreds are covered with dense impenetrable vegetation. A lot of greenery, but of course not so much as here in Vietnam, where in general everything around is incredibly green. After the Shiraito waterfall, we moved through the cities, but we are sure that there are many unique natural attractions in Japan that are worth seeing!

Meals, roads and lodgings

Meal: 16712 rubles

At first we prepared Kim’s houses, then bought gas and cooked it on the burner. In the cafe they ate rarely, in restaurants – never. We ate a lot of chocolate and chocolate rolls, as they spent a lot of energy. We think that they accounted for the main expense item for food. Food is 10 times more expensive than in Russia, but relatively inexpensive products can be found in supermarkets.

Road: 17630 rubles

Having overcome the path from Tokyo to Fukuoka, we moved mainly by bus, but from Hiroshima to Shimonoseki we rode on two trains. Kilometers 50 have hitch-hiked. Hitchhiking in Japan is good, but we were just newcomers. We were not very clever and we did not know how to catch cars, but learned only in China. And another 50 kilometers, not counting the pokatuski in Tokyo, we drove on skateboards. In general, I believe that public transport in Japan is expensive. On 100 kilometers (on a straight line) on the average left on 800 rubles from the person.

Lodging: 0 rubles

We spent 7 nights in a tent: in a forest under a mountain, in a forest on a trail, in a parking lot under a tree, in a parking lot near the house, behind a monument on a coastal screech and 2 times in a park in Fukuoka. And 7 nights for the guys in the couchsurfing: 4 nights in Tokyo at Kim, night at Hoang and Nagoya and two nights at Haruko and Kana in Kyoto.


1. Do not even try to watch Tokyo on your own two, buy a travel card at least for a day, go all day from morning till night, and on other days, slowly, enjoy the city.
2. It seemed to us that eating sometimes cheaper, faster and more satisfying in a cafe than buying expensive products and wasting time on cooking.
3. When catching a car you do not need to stretch out your hand and keep your finger up, you just need to stretch out your hand and wave your hand up and down, as if you are catching a taxi! On road it is better not to put in, but if there is no choice, stand for 200 meters before entering the toll road – drivers still slow down.
4. If you also like us plan to visit the amusement park Fuji-Q Highland on a day off, be prepared for the fact that you have to stand in lines for two hours, so it’s better not to take a ticket to all the rides at once – so you can not pay it back. It is better to pay for the entrance and buy tickets for the necessary attractions – so maybe you will save a little and will not be in a hurry to visit everything. Go better from the very opening and immediately to the highest attraction in the world – so you will have time to go more.

If anything else we remember, we will definitely add!


Japan accepted us and fell in love with us. We never thought that we would be in this country, and perhaps that’s why it made such an impression on us. Shock! Cultural, gastronomic, architectural and probably still what. Yes, Japan is expensive, but Tokyo, Fujiyama and Shiraito are places that we will remember for a long time, the places for which it is worth to fly so far and pay a lot of money. Thanks to this country! Good luck with your Japanese adventure!


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