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Rafting down the middle of the river Irkut

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In the weekend of June 25-26, we had to split up with Nastya. I went to help my brother to organize rafting on the middle of the river Irkut for 18 people. Nastya decided not to go for the rafting and go to the wakeboard competition on the wakeboard station “Wake-Up” in the “Field” sports park. She wanted to see the competitions and ride on wake board. But she could not ride, and she and her friend just looked competitions. A bit late for the start, they have come to the most interesting – the performance of a professional more experienced riders who impressed his tricks. See a small video report about the event, but in the meantime I will tell you about the second in this year’s Rafting down the middle of the river Irkut.

Rafting down the middle of the river Irkut

At this time, people in the alloy was much larger and the captain decided to go nowhere on the first day and stay right in Anchuk village. Preparation of equipment was long enough and one of the parties grew into drinking and finished only in the morning and as a result he leaving the rafting before he could start it. In the morning we did not have time to get out on the water early again, because we had to be equipped with two eight-sitplace catamarans and a boat. I sailed on this boat is almost all the way – eighty kilometers.

сплав по среднему Иркуту



This time I decided not to shoot the video, as already filmed rafting on average Irkut and made a short video, entitled “100 km down the middle of the river Irkut”. So I decided to just go and enjoy the beautiful views. In the team with Maxim Antipin in the boat we went most of the way and collected all the “bonuses” that had time to notice and time to get to that. Boat greatly helped us in this regard, because the tremendous “a bowl” ride from shore to shore is not so simple as a small boat! And who wants to paddle reeling extra kilometers? Under the “bonus”, I mean all of the most turbulent and interesting places on the water, such as stones, ducts between them, shivers, barrels, small sills and so on. But very quickly you get tired from such entertainment, because in the boat you have to paddle almost without stopping, and here also you ride from side to side. But despite the fatigue and lag behind the group, we are rowing, looking for more interesting places. Indeed Rafting down the middle of the river Irkut though very picturesque, but still quite monotonous. You quickly get tired of looking around, hoping to see a bear, which waves its paw to you from the shore.



After the first day of vivid impressions we persuaded the commander to stay overnight early to make camp bathhouse on the bank of the Irkut and once landed, we with Max and Breus Dima began to build and light the stove, so long as we do the frame, she could well overheat. Then, as an evil turned out we forgot the ax on the previous camp and construction of the frame it has become much more difficult. As a result, the design done quite deplorable, but the time was nearing dark and started to rain, we decided to leave it as is. Stove to heat just a bang, and although our room pretty good windswept through the cracks, water vapor was so much to all steamed three times, so much so that everything was scorching! June Irkut after bathhouse encouragingly-warm, but you do not jump into the water is not tripped over a stone. You look like a dive and water on a large rain batters, mountains all around you, and over the mountains of the stars and lightnings sparkle. The first hiking sauna remembered forever!

As for the rest, we floated, swam, removed mites, floated one by one on the boat again, saw eagles and storks. But Irkut was not as rapid as last time. Even the big threshold are not so impressed as last time. But traffic on it was more lively. Nevertheless, I had a lot of other good impressions.

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