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100 kilometers of water

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Краски утра

Rafting down the Irkut river

Rafting down the Irkut river – it’s our little surprise trip on the water, to which we were called in just one day prior to departure and that turned out very interesting, beautiful and productive. The moral of this trip – “Use a spontaneous opportunity, especially if they relate to an active holiday!”

So, our starting point was Anchuk village, which meant that on the way to it we will see Baikal, and this is a good plus of the coming trip. Becouse Baikal’s coast in the Kultuk village pretty color and even very popular with photographers. Upon arrival a little surprise waiting for us, as well as a strong and delicious scent of numerous bird cherry bushes. The city bird cherry generally has no odor in comparison with the cherry in the village Anchuk. But the surprise was that the main organizer of decided immediately raft away from the village and find a good place to camp without the local fishermen, car campers and grazing cows. We quickly gathered a catamaran, on the evening of Friday, we went out on the water and began our rafting down the Irkut river.

In the evening we had a good acquainted with our team. We had dinner by the fire and talked and went to sleep. We woke up at 4:30 am and already getting light, and the cuckoo with her friends sang so loud that you could call the cops, so they pacified them. As soon as we got out of the tent and rubbed our eyes, we ran back, because the beauty of the morning mist of the river shouting, “Take a photos, while fog is not dispersed and was not daylight.” Now we have to forget about sleep and to conclude that nature is most beautiful at that time and place, when and where it is less likely watching. Still, there are advantages to early awakenings, because such beauty of nature is necessary to look at different times!

The main thing on the thresholds – do not panic!

I will not bother. We were going for a long time, a lot of rowing, looked around, and wild birds look out for wild animals, talking, photographed and filmed. Everything was fine until we reached the thresholds. The first “Small threshold” passed without any problems. Before you take a second “Big” a little pondered. It remains the view that such a large ship we could go to the most violent places but sit and sip tea, but no, it was necessary to us to have been in more interesting. As a result, in two places at the threshold we walked across the river, shouting, bustling, boating all forces not knowing where, but nevertheless all go quite well. Passage of thresholds and other swirling places were the most interesting in this alloy.

During the rest of the alloy it was still quite a lot of stormy places but the most stormy stage has been passed, and it was possible to relax, sunbathe and enjoy the surrounding nature. It was hilly pine mountains, violet-gray rocks, giant fir, vultures, storks, acid spiders, aquatic rodents, ticks, and the others whom we have heard, but not seen. But ticks, of course, not taken much pleasure. We also noticed a pattern that the farther downstream, the lower hills and rocks, the water is more extensive and thus became increasingly windy and difficult to paddle.

As a result, Rafting down the Irkut river produced very best experience for us, in spite of the burnt face and other unsecured on the location of the sun. But it’s the little things that often pay for such priceless moments!


Watch the epic video from this water adventure


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