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Rafting down the Irkut 25 km from Shamanka to Vedenschina

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Сплав по Иркуту

Rafting down Irkut

So next weekend, and we help organize rafting down Irkut. What can I say, Irkut has to be fed, but the most interesting thing on the alloys, it is not even themselves alloys but getting to know people. Always we find a very interesting persons, as in the last two days from 16 to 17 July. Therefore, another little trip turned out quite informative and interesting. Alloy turned a measured and calm, in conversations and admiration of nature.

Same days of weekend

The route was from Shamanka to Vvedenschiny this time, it’s about 25 kilometers long and here we were for the first time. This route takes one day, but we have twice in two days went on it. So we’ve got to spend two days in the same place for the same occupation. Morning gathering equipment, leaving a bit late, the way to the Shamanka, preparation for rafting, twenty-five killometrov on the water, beautiful cliffs, forest, nature, Vedenschina, gathering equipment and back to Irkutsk, night, repeat.


Different days of weekend

The first day was very sunny and hot. In the second – a very rainy, just like a tropical rain. Hands and feet burned on the first day, and now they are a little brown. In the second – the whole day we were half wet. We went on two rafts and a kayak in the first day, the second – only by canoe, kayak and expedition boat. Both days we seemed like the first time. By the way, not only these two alloys were different. During this summer, we have five times went to rafting down Irkut, but every time Irkut was at its different.

This route is very light and difficult to single out any special interesting points, all the way you just walk down the quiet calm water. First floated 2 villages, then immersed in a wild nature. The most beautiful places – it rocks in the Shamanka called thirty-three heroes and white rock just before Vedenschina, this rock consist a few small caves. If you have never rafted and feared to go into the stormy water, try to go rafting down Irkut on this route. You should be like it for the first time!



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