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Rafting along the Kitoy river

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Сплав по реке Китой

If you start the summer – then actively. Last year in the beginning of summer we went along a two-day rafting on the Irkut river and rafted 100 kilometers. This year we went to rafting along the Kitoy river! I would like to say to those who rafted along the Irkut River, but did not rafted on Kitoy, and vice versa, that it is necessary to pass along both rivers. The rivers, their valleys, the surrounding terrain, the landscape, the transparency and color of the water, vegetation and the complexity of the passage are completely different on these rivers. And the most surprising is that these rivers share a relatively small distance. If Irkut is tightly squeezed into the grip of mountains and dense forest, then in some places Kitoy has a fairly wide-ranging horizon. If the bottom of Irkut is sandy and the water is cloudy and the bottom is completely invisible, then the water of the river Kitoy is transparent as a tear due to the stony bottom, which is perfectly visible. And if you look at the water on the rocks, then the speed of your ship and the speed of the current are well felt. It seems to be moving very fast, but it’s worthwhile to raise your eyes and focus on the surrounding landscape, then visually immediately slow down. Irkut is very stormy and even dangerous in some places, and Kitoy on the contrary, for the most part is even and light. For a beginner of white water rafting, Kitoy is the most suitable option!

But rafting along the Kitoy river is also an unforgettable adventure!

This time we had plenty of tourists and instructors and swimming devices. Kayaks, expedition boats, rafts and catamarans. Just enough! Choose what you prefer! But not everyone made the right choice. And two participants – not an experienced grandson and grandmother chose a kayak. Maybe because of random circumstances, maybe because of inexperience. And then everyone moved from their place, and they two absolutely do not know how to manage it. Our team of the eight-seat catamaran immediately drew attention to it, but it was more surprising that their inflatable ship was blown away. In less than five minutes, as we are already participating in the rescue operation and take on board two more passengers! Another couple of interesting interlocutors we definitely will not hurt, because the whole river is still ahead. So we are without special incidents, enjoying the weather and nature, reached the dining area. And then go on, towards the sunset, to our final destination.

All the rafting was like a picnic in an excellent company with conversations about everything and small shakes on the shapers at times. And we did not even want to take pictures, just rafting, talking and enjoying the view. So look at our few photos, comment, share your impressions of rafting along the Kitoy river and get ready for your future rafts!

  Part 3: Baikal, Photo, Rafring
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