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New Year 2011 in China

Today is December 31 and we would like to be somewhere on the tropical islands, surfing, hiking through the mountains and looking for adventure. But the New Year 2018 we meet at home with our family. We already miss traveling very much and remember our first great trip together, which was seven years ago, just on the eve of the New Year. But then we were not on the tropical islands, but in China, and even as a result of a long trip by train. Irkutsk – Zabaikalsk If someone is considering this variant of travel, just as we did seven years ago, we hasten to dissuade you. And although it may be a bit cheaper, but alas it’s not worth it! Unless you are aerophobic or romantic, for which the presence of difficulties causes more interest than their absence. We are not one of those, either, but seven years ago, train tickets on New Year’s Eve were much cheaper than air travel and we chose the most budget option. Тo go by train from Irkutsk to Zabaikalsk in the winter is not very inspiring. Because it’s like swimming on the river of the dead. The train moves against the gray sky past the half-abandoned villages. And on the train you sit, and you look out of the window, behind which everything seems to have died out and time has stopped. But China was waiting for us ahead, and everything was very cool! Auto-crossing the border is also a small test, because you are standing in a traffic jam for at least an hour 2 in a full bus. Contrast is amazing. On the one hand, the poor gray Zabaikalsk, with the customs exactly the same gray as everything else. And on the Chinese side – a modern building with huge ceilings, marble floors and columns. Manchuria Manchuria is a city of commerce. This city is quite modern high beautiful live and very noisy! “Two yuan, all two yuan” – just heard. People come here to buy cheap consumer goods and everything that can only be imagined, even to have fun, go to a restaurant or massage. But we met very few people like us who would be in this city in transit. After all, the next day at the station we were almost the only Russians waiting for the train to Beijing.   New Year in Beijing Now we feel that we are in China. Around us everything was different and at the same time everything is normal. We had a place to live, a supermarket nearby and a mobile connection. We did not live in the very center of the city, but nevertheless walked on foot to learn more about the city. The weather in Beijing was not very comfortable for us in late December and early January. Firstly there was a haze, although he did not seem to be embarrassed. Secondly – the temperature during the day is stable around zero. But the wind pierces to the

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