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Stories about Baikal

From Buguldeyka to Maloye Goloustnoye through the taiga by jeep

As always, unexpectedly in the middle of this autumn we went on another trip to Baikal. Paparazzi called us probably already at nine o’clock in the evening and suggested going to the village of Buguldeika – the queen of Baikal winds, to spend the night there and the next day to move from Buguldeyka to Maloye Goloustnoye by jeep across the taiga. Well, we thought that we were already at home and it would be long time, and it was the time to go somewhere out of town. And we gladly agreed. Especially Nastya with the guys were already there at the end of this summer and made a bunch of cool pictures (here you can see this photo report). But I’ve never been there, although I’ve heard a lot that it’s very beautiful and very windy there. And if we are going to thrust our nose into the next jungle and mix mud with wheels – so this is another reason to catch another adventure. Buguldeyka – the queen of winds We arrived late, had a long supper and slept little. In the morning, at breakfast, we had a strange conversation with the hostess of the house where we spent the night, and went to enjoy nature. The first point was the marble quarry. This place, of course, is very unusual. It is a mountain from the top of which opens a wonderful view of Lake Baikal and the Buguldeika valley. And at its top is a quarry in the form of a deep pit with straight and even, multifaceted marble walls, 6-8 meters deep, or even more. If you go down, then this quarry will remind you of a large marble hall. But we did not do this, because our impression was spoiled by a strange exposition of Moscow artists, whose paintings printed on banners hung around almost the entire height of the marble walls. The pictures were cut naked people, mostly female. Plus, some facets of huge marble blocks were pasted with a texture of meat, as if it were a cut of meat stones. Of course, at that time we did not know and did not understand what was happening at all, and thought that on the eve of it there was some meeting of the cannibalism sect. And they committed an act of sacrifice and vandalism. And it was scary to think what else was happening here. In short, these bitches left behind all this garbage. And all the beauty was spoiled. I wanted to puke! You would have seen it! We, by the way, did not even take pictures of the quarry because of this. Okay, we quarreled and went on to the observation platform. There we went for a walk and tried to make ourselves feel good. What else can I say? Baikal is beautiful! Everyone already knows this. In Buguldeyka really was very windy and it was possible to observe how the wind behaves and what patterns draws on the water, looking

The Royal Gates cliff

If you or your friends have an SUV, but you do not know where to go for a day or two to nature in the vicinity of Irkutsk, then you must go to the Royal Gates cliff. We have already told you about our trips to the cliffs of the Olkhin plateau and about the fact that on the way from the Idol cliff to the Staruha cliff there is another rock, which name we do not know. It’s not even a rock, but rather a cliff, because your path will lie just through its top. It’s easy to pass by. But if you are inquisitive, you will necessarily want to overcome a small obstacle and you will open an unusually wide panorama. The forest seems to lie like a carpet on the hills, mountains on the horizon and not a single man-made structure. Near this observation platform you will see the top of Idol, and in the distance, in good weather, you can see the Sayan mountains. And now about the Royal Gates cliff Yes, it’s harder and longer to get here, but you’ll have to walk much less, only six hundred meters from the far point to which you will reach by car (let’s call it parking) to the cliff. We did not know the path, so we went to the point of coordinates GPS through the forest. But the path to it is good and it starts the other way. That is, as you arrive at the parking lot, and the rock will be on the right, but the path to it is on the left and leads up into the hill. Then you will go to the right and to the right all the rest of the time. You will look under your feet, so as not to stumble about the roots of trees and suddenly, raising your head, you will understand that you came when you are surprised at the extraordinary qualities of the Royal Gates cliff. But the most interesting you are waiting on top, so do not be lazy and try to climb up. In one place it will be quite difficult, so grab comfortable shoes and friends who will prompt you how to climb and insure you in a difficult situation. Believe me, it’s worth it! And in the evening with clear weather at the top of the cliff you will have an unforgettable sunset over the Sayan mountains and the valley of Irkut! Have a good trip, share your impressions and ask questions in the comments or on our group on the facebook. We will try to answer them as detailed as possible. How to get there On the off-road car. You can turn off the Kultuk tract after the Andrianovskaya station (turn off after the bridge over the Malaya Glubokaya) or go from Kultuk (but this road is not yet ushered in). In both of these cases, you may well have time to go back and forth in just one

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