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Stories about Mamay


After a long, difficult and exhausting road, Shanghai did not make the proper impression. We crossed the Yangtze River, and on the other side we were met by all the power of China’s industry and a smoke screen emanating from countless pipes and slowly covering this huge city. Interspersed with factories, we observed matrices of homes from concrete cells. What all around is huge gray. But plunging deep into everything became more glassy, ​​mirrored, alive and modern. And the people on the streets became more and more. Shanghai The bus station in the city of Shanghai, like all the others in China, spat us out onto the street. And the situation did not differ from the situation of any Russian station. Around people the hard workers with huge trunks, dazzling signs, garbage and utter confusion. All the same pseudo-modern and dirty. What is the first thing you need to do on arrival in Shanghai? Of course, ask the seller for a screwdriver and make one worker phone out of two broken iPhones! And also try to connect to the Wi-Fi and arrange a meeting with Serb Nikola, then get lost in the subway, get hungry, get angry and go look for a supermarket. We left the underpass on the other side of the railway tracks and got into a completely different world. Clerks of all nationalities of high-rise stores, cafes, restaurants and cafes, using their lunch break for the intended purpose. And apparently, we got the wrong address, because we could not afford a supermarket in the area. But we was a hungry. So we found expensive mega-spicy noodles and expensive mega-spicy rice, warmed up their. Shanghai Metro is the same price as everywhere else in other major cities. About a dollar — and a half to get from the center to the outskirts — I don’t remember exactly. But I remember that none of the many maps indicate where you are. Still there check bags like at the airport and poorly thought-out navigation. Couchsurfing in Shanghai We are somewhere on the penultimate station of a subway line waiting for Nicola, but he is not there. Already all the seeds have ended, but he is not there. But patience won the panic, and finally we saw our red-bearded host from Serbia in the signature T-shirt of the Kruzhka pub. He works as an English teacher in a private language school and also loves TV shows and beer. But contrary to common interests, we did not find a common language and spent only two nights with him, after which we awkwardly said goodbye and went on way. It is difficult to communicate with the hosts when you have a lot of work and you have to constantly look into the laptop and press buttons. But, after a night in the fucking AirBnB’s asshole, we found Shayu, and with her everything will be different. She waited us yesterday, but unfortunately, after we paid for this hole, we decided to stay, work, withdraw

12 buses from Qindao to Shanghai

If you readed our results on South Korea, you probably already understood that we did not like China. We passed customs control and now in the arrival hall of Qindao Airport. We have 1500 rubles. And in addition to everything in Seoul, I began to get cold and today I already have snot. We changed the last Korean money, as well as all the euros and dollars that remained from trips to the USA and Europe and which we took just in case – apparently, it has come. We brewed noodles and coffee – we ate hot noodles, took backpacks and … did not go anywhere. After all, behind the glass wall was another wall – a wall of rain. – Where to go in this weather? – Yeah! Well, let’s make some noodles – Let’s! So the whole day passed, and then the night. And while we were at the airport, we were able to solicit payment for the site from a friend, and he was very helpful to us! Now we have a little money and it’s not so scary to go out into this big hostile world. You can look at the constant lack of funds from a slightly different angle. After all, if we had enough money to take a bus from the airport to the center of Qingdao or buy tickets to Shanghai, then: firstly, we would not have these adventures that we write to you about; secondly, we would not be able to see the real harsh life of local people. And Qingdao immediately showed us the true face of China! Qindao We leave the airport and start to stop a car, we are walked on the heat for about an hour. Ahead of the mall. At first it seems that it is still closed, but when you are approaching, you understand that it is abandoned. Further empty and dirty stalls, people are trying to do something, waiting for some kind of customer, everything is quiet and gloomy. Here is an unfinished elite residential complex with the promise of paradise on banners. But the reality is completely different and it amazes with the lost millions and raises a million questions: “Why?”. After all, this is not only the outskirts of Qindao, but all the outskirts of large cities and all the small towns of China – like frames from films about post-apocalypse. I think in a couple of years, when trees will go out of the windows, stalkers in China will be more interesting than in Pripyat. In Shanghai, we asked Shaya: “Why are there so many abandoned buildings in China?” She replied that people do not have enough money to complete them and they just forget about them. But why they will not sell the house to someone who has the money to complete it? It seems to me that the real problem is that, with all the Chinese diligence and developed international relations, they have no work inside the country and no domestic economy. No work – no demand for

South Korea. Results: road, food, prices, housing

To begin with, for us, the coolest thing in this country seemed to be how people love nature. Not in the plan – to go to the river to drink beer, and in the straight – from small to large people, everyone likes to walk in the woods, go to the mountains, spend the night in tents. And although, to admit, they do it very peculiarly, but we must give them their due! But still South Korea has become very curious for us, a little uncultured and very sharp. I once read a story, as one traveler was surrounded by a lot of curious penguins in Antarctica, who looked into his mouth when he ate something. Perhaps the Koreans originated from those same penguins, but whatever it is, except bewilderment and embarrassment, you do not feel any aggression or danger. South Koreans and their architecture It seems that they are masters at home, because on any pavement for them the rule “Local people first” and also that they know that they do not pay taxes in vain, because the janitors will still be cleaned, yes? We always notice a gradient in the changing cultures and appearance of the peoples of Southeast Asia. And the Koreans move this slider to the left. That is closer to China than to Japan. And it’s right, because nobody here likes Japan and it’s better not to mention this country here at all. But guys, with whom you are led, from that and you will be typed! And China has a bad influence on this funny nation. After all, the tiles to the parapets and facades are not so well adhered here, they do not use garbage cans at all, here the views on architecture are more communistic and here the largest number of useless fitness equipment for sport. Yes, it seems that sharp and fat Korean food wins in a fight with the government, which is trying to save the people from the problem of obesity. Okay, not so bad as it seems, it’s not for nothing that we spent here a month and a half. It’s beautiful here, damn it! Nature is beautiful, accessible and safe. A lot of things on Jeju, on the way to Seoul, you can see waterfalls and mountains, and around Seoul you can walk around the national parks. They know that it is expensive to demolish houses, but it is better to improve and put stunning sculptures at every step. In the daytime it’s gray, and at night – all the signs brightly and stylishly paint the darkness. There are still beautiful and well-kept city parks, where there is always a new clean toilet with a rosette, soap and toilet paper. And there is an impression that they care for plants better than for themselves. Food I think the food in South Korea divides people into two types: those who fall in love with it and those who, after trying once, will never try again. We treat the second. It is good

Seoul, South Korea

We got out of the bus and threw the bags on the old plastic seat in the waiting room of the bus station in Seoul. It immediately reminded how seven years ago, one early morning we arrived by bus to Los Angeles. Then we, just like today in Cheonan, wandered half the night over night Las Vegas and in the morning were just as tired. We also had no plan and almost no money, but there was a friend who, just like now, was to be found. And here we are, just as then, we are almost in the center of a huge megalopolis, but the sensation seems to have been in the nineties in some Soviet village. – This bus station forgot what repairs are! – But he remembers perfectly what mud and retro furniture are. Nastya was absent “on business,” and I began to waste time improvised exercise. I make the twisting of the body and catch the look of the guy who sat with his scooter and watched me with interest all this time through the window. I grinned and continued – no longer getting used to it! Well hello Seoul! All as always – on skateboards in the park. Eat, go to the toilet and catch a wi-fi. Along the way, nothing unusual. Seoul and Seoul. Here’s a supermarket. It was necessary to buy something. Have not bought. We regretted it. Houses are not tall, pretty ordinary, just like everywhere else. And anyway, when you’re tired from the road and have not slept in a bed for a hundred years – you have to get somewhere to rest. So we did. Somewhere by eleven we got to the hostel, but could not check in. We were sent another hour to walk. I remember, our feet told us then: “You are fucked!”. We took them to the park, sat down and took off our shoes. By the way, that there is a stone massage path for walking barefoot. But if there is a Korean people on the track and watching the game in changi – you can not get by, they will not go away. For us gave the box two and a half, where there was a bed in two floors and a shower in which hot water did not work. We were told that if we go to bathe in the sauna, it will be reimbursed. But soon the water was available, and we did not have time to use this steep chance. But the chance to wash everything that has accumulated we will not miss! Now we are somewhere in the center. Near the hostel there is some kind of tourist attraction. Whether it’s a stadium, or an exhibition center. In any case, we will not go there. But choco pies is necessary to find, and around only small Russian shops like “At Natalia” or “Ivanych”. Well, we just happened to be somewhere on the outskirts of the regional center of our vast. – Hello!

Road to Seoul

No matter how cheap the chockopie, strawberries and ice cream in Busan were, but that hostel in which we lived four days before Jeju, it cost one and a half times more expensive and this time we decided not to stay here. And since getting out of Busan is a whole complicated, we immediately took bus tickets to Gyeongju, where old traditional Korean houses were preserved. But when we arrived in Gyeongju for a bus station, for some reason we decided not to leave, thinking that the driver would stop somewhere else. So we left another fifty kilometers to another city called Pohang. Pohang We thought that the driver would demand a difference, but he just smiled at us and we left. – So … Well, where are we? – I do not know, Pohang any! – Well, what to do here? – Let’s see 🙂 I think this is the beauty of long journeys – when you find yourself in a place that even five minutes ago did not even know. And still, even when your plans change a little, you are always glad to have passed a good part of the way for free! When we have nowhere to sleep, we go to the park or to the beach. This time our road to the sea ran through the whole Pohang and took the rest of the day. But during this time we managed to make out this city. It’s pretty lively, there are a lot of motels and there are a lot of sculptures. I would call this city a museum or at least an exhibition gallery. It seemed to me that there must necessarily be an art university and that all these numerous sculptures are the work of graduates whose creative skills are simply off scale! All these sculptures in the parks, in the harbor and on the beach make this city very interesting. Nightlife on the beach is boiling. People train, eat dinner, walk, roll on rollers and longs, at every step local singers and musicians act – the atmosphere of the holiday or even, I would say, the festival. And then there is a chic night view of the port, which, like the Eiffel Tower, shines all over the lights. We tried to wait, when on the beach it becomes calmer, but at midnight we decided to go to a nearby park. Found a secluded place in one of the offshoots of the park paths. But only managed to put the tent, as there was one very strange enamored couple, and the guys at this hour seemed to rehearse the poses from the romantic scenes right before us. I should scare them away. I can not believe that we can not be seen. While Nastya was cleaning face, I woke up from a loud crunch in the bushes near the tent. At first I thought it was an animal, but as it turned out – just a curious Korean, who instead of going down the

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