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Stories about Mamay

Ban Gioc waterfall

Saying goodbye to a good trucker, we began to descend along the road to the Ban Gioc waterfall. It is the fourth largest waterfall in the world and the largest in Southeast Asia. And already from far away he admired his greatness. A young man in a beige uniform stopped us and said that we should pay for the entrance. And when he answered the question “How much?”, We were pleasantly surprised. It turned out that the entrance to the waterfall from the Vietnamese side costs only 150-200 rubles! In comparison with the cost of entry from the Chinese side (2000 rubles) – at least ten times more profitable. But later we realized that this was not the main advantage of the Vietnamese side. And the main advantage is the Ban Gioc waterfall itself! Ban Gioc waterfall The road from the ticket office to the waterfall runs along the picturesque bridge past the picturesque rice fields through the not very picturesque market, which sells souvenirs, all sorts of unnecessary staffs, as well as food and drinks. The only market street will lead you to the wide bank of the Quashon River, with two large canals falling from a height of 120 meters. The left channel of the river (you will have it on the right) divides the Earth into Vietnam and China. It is wider, it is considered the main waterfall and, by a lot of jets, it falls down from the rocks, in three large steps. At the lower reaches of the main waterfall there is a large lake smoothly flowing into the river bed. On the lake on bamboo rafts ride tourists so that they can take a closer look at the waterfall. You too can come closer to him, passing along the bridge. But if you first pass to the left, then you will stop at another azure lake, washed by the right (which is to the left) course of the river, high powerful jets falling from its entire height. Here you have the opportunity to take a closer look at the entire Ban Gioc waterfall, and this, in our opinion, is the main advantage of the Vietnamese side. But now it is a little about other important pluses. Одно из таких преимуществ – возможность покататься на каяке прямо под водопадом и заодно искупаться в лагуне с лазурной водой. И пока мы восхищались и фотографировали без остановки, начало смеркаться, и ребята стали собирать инвентарь. Мы поторопились спросить покататься и, недолго думая, они согласились. Стоит такое удовольствие всего десять долларов в час на двоих, а поплавать на каяке под одним из крупнейших водопадов мира – это просто восторг и счастье! We rolled and bathed, and while we were drying, the guys got together and left. A few tourists, too, slowly go away. In the end, it was dark and only we were left alone with each other, the stars and the waterfall. On the Chinese side guards shining light. So we disappeared in the shade of a wide

Hitchhiking in Vietnam. Part 1: From China to the waterfall Ban Gioc

Exhausted, sweaty and with a package of food, we came to the border control of the Vietnamese side. A stern, stern officer in a dark green military uniform took passport of Nastyaand suddenly, under the red star on his cap, the expression changed. – Oh! So you are from Russia ?! – he says in Russian – Hello! – Hello – answered Nastya. At that moment, our mood also became much better. We were pleased with the way we were met, especially after the Chinese were say good bye us. Vietnam, Dong Dang. 71 day around the world trip We go to Vietnam, ate a banana, threw the peel into the bushes and went to the city on our skateboards. Surrounded by the jungle, dilapidated houses on the outskirts of the city looked like in cinema, it was cool. It seems that the originality here compensates poverty. Everything from young to old, almost like in that song about a horse, greeted us with smiles, greeted and waved their hands. But after a while, after the pair “Fak Yu!” Into our backs, we began to answer them in Russian “Hello!”. Not to mislead them, but to dispel their misconceptions about our origin. Dong Dang City is located at the intersection of four roads, one of which leads to China and, probably, therefore, it is quite large and a bit modern in the center. Everywhere advertising cigarettes. We need to take a breath somewhere, and we turn into the courtyard of either the Buddhist or the Hindu temple, or some other one. Hot concrete benches burn our ass. All bright and incredible amount of small traced details on the facades. This is one of the most beautiful temples that I have seen until that moment. In front of the entrance stands an altar with fruit offerings. We had our own snack and decided to look inside. It is dark, faded, concrete walls and floor, rags on the floor and it seems that someone is sleeping. Inside is another altar, where in the form of offerings are packs of cigarettes and a can of beer. We did not stop by and went to change money. We missed one bank on that street and reached the other on this one. We went into the gloom sit a security guard and several managers. Everyone is busy, except the guard. We were told to wait, we sat down and earned the guard, who decided to close the blinds almost, leaving everyone without an opportunity to go outside. Everything is fine, I sat down to the manager, who in parallel served the girl. – Hello, we want to exchange Chinese money for Vietnamese. “Hello, now just a minute,” she said, and plunged into an analog monitor, “you know, she will exchange you!” – and showed the girl next to me. The girl, disdaining coins, considered the bills and otslyunyavila Vietnamese currensy, while taking thirty percent commission. – Thank you bye! Нам открыли жалюзи, и мы довольные пошли

China totals

Upon arrival in China, for the first time, we ran out of money and started real adventures. But this country is not for such adventures. You have to go here with money, because you don’t see anything for free here. Transport Let’s start with the fact that a foreigner people vehicle is prohibited to drive. It is necessary to do the Chinese rights, hire a guide and many more problems.Renting of a car do not know, most likely also impossible. And public transport is not so cheap. If you compare with the Russian, then two or three times more expensive. Buses cost about 250-300 rubles per hundred kilometers. Trains are 2 times more expensive than buses, but sometimes you can find tickets at a comparable price. Almost always, if you need to drive a total of thirty kilometers between small cities, tickets will cost more than if you travel a hundred or two hundred kilometers between large ones. Therefore, if there are no intermediate points on the map, it is better to immediately take tickets to the final destination, because with transfers it will be same. Tried, we know! Usually, all tourists travel by high-speed trains, so do not be surprised if you buy the cheapest ticket for a regular train or bus, and besides you there will no white people, and you will be a “white crow” even literally. Accommodation Hostels and guesthouses in China are pretty cheap. We used the options for 350-450 rubles a day for two – a common room in a hostel or 500-550 rubles a day for two – a double. They have even cheaper, but tourists are not allowed there, they are only for locals. To bypass this rule you is unlikely to succeed, since they need to register all the guests, and they will ask for your passport. Sometimes, by the way, when they check in, they will want to keep passport. Say that you need a passport, you can not move around the city without it and you will be given it. The same with the deposit – you can say that there is no or not enough cash, and can “forgive”. Payment by Visa card and cash withdrawals at ATMs In cheap guesthouses and hostels, only cash is accepted, with a local Union Pay card and / or other local payment systems. What is strange, because sometimes even an untidy local street food vendor can pay with a smartphone by scanning the barcode on the price tag. But this is again a local payment system. Visa cards are not accepted in most cases. Fortunately, with our bank card, we could withdraw cash without any interest at the Bank of China (Bank of China). Camping For three weeks in China, we spent only three nights in a tent. One of them was on a fish farm, one night in a communist garden, one in a city park. Of course they have no campgrounds. Therefore, we tried to be as secretive as

Hitchhiking in China

Our real hitchhiking in China begins with the fact that we still do not want to catch the car and we decide to drive another 500 kilometers to the nearby big city called Nanning. We could’t earn money for the cave, but we still saved money, and in order for us to start hitchhiking, we probably needed to spend all the money. And in order not to spend money on the hostel once again and not to look for a place for the tent, we will take a night flight, which, although a bit more expensive, is still more profitable. So we pack our backpacks, go to the bus and start the adventure. A little before reaching, the bus driver turned off and stopped a mile from the train station, then he turned around and drove back, but again he drove past. Thinking that he would turn on the final one and go back again, we stayed inside. But we were dropped off in the middle of some street, an hour’s walk from our destination. We are waiting for the return flight. It’s a shame, but we don’t want to pay the fare for the second time, so again, quite naively, we went to the salon of another similar bus, did not pay, we were standing and waiting for what would happen. We did it already and everything was fine, but this time the driver, after a couple of stops, started yelling at us and, probably, swearing, and we, reddened with shame, threw some trifles into his box. So what to do!? We need to catch the flight! Morning on the train. I want to go to the toilet. I just went as we drive up to some big station. Nobody announced it, but for some reason I think it is ours station. Nastya does not believe at first, but shows that we unexpectedly arrived. We quickly pack up and jump to the pyrone with the thought: “And why the hell, we can to ride further, anyway, no one checked the tickets from Guilin itself.” But the extra problems are don’t need, and we are going to the city. It is very gray city. At the exit from the station an incredible crowd of annoying taxi drivers. We go away from taxi drivers and middle of the station square changed our pants, brushed our teeth and walked away from this city. On the way, just in case, looked at a couple of bus stations to find out the ticket prices. Tickets are expensive, and only bought tours to Ban Gioc. Some men look at us strangely, and we go away from there. We dive into the subway to go through two stations and get off near the highway. It remains to go a couple of kilometers on a wet and muddy road without a sidewalk, and then turn into yards to cut off way and get lost. Hitchhiking in China We go past the five-story building along the rice

Wrong city

Twenty hours on the train from Shanghai to Guilin were remembered: spicy hot noodles; curious hard workers who looked at us without interruption and did not look away, even when you look at them with the look “Well what are you looking at?” the absolute absence of European persons; the beauty of the endless paddy fields outside the window and, perhaps, very long sitting on your ass. Wrong city Just before the arrival, we drove through the beautiful mountains, and were in anticipation. And when we arrived at the station and went out in the heat, we first went to the toilet, and only then we thought where to go and where are these flying mountains of Zhangjiajie Park here? Five minutes later, we realized that this is wrong city. And that city is four hundred kilometers to the north in a straight line. There seems to be time to correct the error, but hitchhiking back and forth can take a couple of weeks, because now the path is far from even. And go back through Guilin again and this is just an incredibly big, stupid and not logical hook. And then we did not have the money – not even enough for food. And the worst thing is that even if we get there, the entrance to the park costs thirty-six dollars per person, and this is only the entrance to the park, and there still pay for cableways, for each at least twenty-two dollars. We were one hundred percent sure that it was worth it to see these wonderful mountains with our own eyes, no matter how much money it cost! And at that moment the soul rushed to the north with violent force, but the logic stifled, tied and kicked in the balls. Nastya was crying, and I was trying to calm her down. I was funny and very sorry. It must have been a panic. And it was a fiasco and the apogee of our stupidity. Four months have already passed. A trip to China for the third time? At that moment, we had no choice but to immerse ourselves in Guilin. Guilin We reached the public transport stop, climbed to the second floor of the city bus, and ten minutes later we got off somewhere in the city center. We decided to look around first and went over the “landmark” marks on the The road led us along the embankment, past the picturesque temple complex consisting of two temples: the moon and the sun standing on the water. The entrance to each of the temples was worth the money and we, having enjoyed the view from the outside, went towards the cliff in the form of an elephant drinking from the Lijiang River, where we faced another unexpected obstacle, in the literal sense of the word. The fact is that Guilin is one of the few Chinese cities where tourists from all over the world come to. Here are picturesque mountains, the largest karst

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