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Stories about Summer in Irkutsk

Peak Chersky

At the beginning of this autumn we went to the peak Cherskiy by jeep Land Crauser Prado. On this route, each of us went for the first time and we almost did not know the road. We looked at the map on the Internet, read the information, ask friends, but I still do not fully understand how to pitch to the peak Cherskiy by jeep. One thing we were sure, we need to get to the ridge Qamar. So, first it was necessary to know where to turn from Kultuk tract, argued a little, turned onto the road leading in to Arshan village where the first reference point for going on a gravel road became a Bistraya river. We missed a turn. Returned. We had to move down the road a little before reaching the bridge over the Bistraya river. Next, you need to follow straight to the swamp, where it will be turned aside to the right and begin a real jeeping. The road is only one. We are on the whole extent of our way every now and then met with pine nut gatherers camp. The road is not easy, especially after the rain, a lot of wetlands and deep traces from the GAS 66. But if you have the tires of 33 inches that you will pass without any problems. We sometimes had difficulties in large puddles, deep ruts and large stones and then sticking the middle of the road. And we went on the 32-inch tires. Unfortunately, in the totality of the circumstances were such that we are reaching the rocky area, have not been able to overcome it, although there were only 4 kilometers to the weather station. After spending the night, we came home and did not reach the goal. We hope you have better luck. Our advice: Watch the weather before you go, check out of the town in earlier and be more patient in the passage of the obstacles! And while you can get acquainted with the road to the peak Cherskiy, watching our short video. Video from tour to the peak Cherskiy by jeep  

Traveling by boat on Lake Baikal in Sandy Bay

We use the last warm days of this year on a maximum and then go on a trip to Lake Baikal. Yes, such a large number of different water travel in one summer, we certainly never had. It’s great that the Irkutsk autumn is warm and sunny this year, which enables our old dreams come true and go to another beautiful and popular destination of Lake Baikal which is called the Sandy Bay. There is not possible to drive by car, so the most common way to get to this white sandy beaches, turquoise water and the beautiful cliffs – only water. The exciting and a bit extreme trip on a boat with the breeze was waiting for us. As soon as we started to sail from the coast, was understandable that we would have a lot of positive emotions. We started on the Ministry of Emergency Situation’s base in the Solnechniy neighborhood in Irkutsk city and an hour later refueled on another Ministry of Emergency Situation’s base in Listvyanka village. This way the Angara was pretty calm, foggy, fresh and beautiful, the water was smooth and quiet. But the waves on Lake Baikal were quite large. Then the fun began! The farther we sailed from Listvyanka the greater wave becomes. Moving against the waves motion we flied up on one wave and bumped in another one whole the following path. This shake-up and the jumping did not give comfort, but gave a lot of interest. Especially when you’re at the top of the cabin, where bouncing even stronger than within it, and our task was to resist and not to fall overboard. Then we learned that in the autumn, when the season boat trips on Lake Baikal ends, big wave rages. Аnd it may confuse you!   Grandmother Bay and Sandy Bay In the end, we shaking and seasick all the way, but well done, and we got to Sandy Bay. But our captain is well aware of this place and sent our boat on the course. When we rounded the Cape of only one to have opened another sandy bay. It is called “Grandma.” This bay is more wild than the previous one, has no tourist bases and no buildings at all, it is smaller in size, but this is much more cozy and intimate. And there was not a single person and it’s surprising, because there are very nice. Maybe the season is over? This place reminded us of California, where waves were just like in the ocean, white sand rocks, trees and emerald water. Chalet in Sandy Bay is also something unusual that it is difficult to convey in words. Maybe our future video will give you all the atmosphere, but in brief, passing Cape Big Bell (also quite recognizable place of Baikal), we got back in time to 50 years.Everything around was super retro, signs even from the past, the empty basketball court right on the beach, unusual houses and idols like characters of “The Walking Dead” series.

Olkhon Island

So, our first trip was quite unexpected, and then we wrote that it is necessary to use the possibilities of spontaneous outdoor activities. This trip to Olkhon last this summer and get even more unexpected. This time we were called in just 3 hours prior to departure, and we were a little doubted. But we had planned to go on Olkhon Island this summer, so we do not need to miss this opportunity! We departed at 3.20 nights. There is a big plus in overnight trip – an empty road. But a very special atmosphere on this trip. The road to Olkhon island is very picturesque, but in the morning nature around was quite different and some mysterious. The fog lay thick layers, shone with the light of dawn, and sometimes enveloped the car so that we did not see anything from inside. Meeting the dawn so that was very cool! Now we know that is the time to go from Irkutsk to Olkhon in 3 AM and preferably in clear weather. And you will come to the first ferry and almost certainly will not have to stand in long queues.   Fairy Olkhon Olkhon in august especially beautiful. If you’re here, be sure to take a trip to Cape Khoboy! Gorgeous views from this place. It will be exciting when you sit on the edge of a cliff and looking into the distance. But the road to Cape Khoboy quite hard and difficult. Without all-wheel drive is there better not to meddle. It can be reached by hiking or you can take a tour. But get ready for a bumpy ride, because they are carried out on UAZ aka bread, etc. Also, there are more interesting ways as a helicopter, an airplane or a pleasure boat, for those who can afford. And no matter how you get there, the main reason – this is one of the most beautiful places on Lake Baikal, and probably in the world, therefore it’s worth it! Way to Khoboy will pass through Cape “Three brothers”. Be sure to make a stop on it, it’s hard to describe how beautiful there. It’s awesome! By the way, the coast of Olkhon throughout its length is quite rocky, so you can work out even cliff diving. We think you will find many places where you can dive! For example: Shamanka rock on the cape Burhan.   Starlight Night If you are lucky with the weather, it is not advised to go to bed, because the few places in the world where such a beautiful starry sky like on the Olchon Island. Much happiness, we were greeted by just such nightlights. The sky was space. And the second day we were also greeted by the sun. Although the water as it was cold and not warmed. What can I say, Baikal is Baikal. Want to swim – wear a wetsuit. Olkhon island – it is really quite a magical place, shamanic. Not only colored trees and stone mounds of various sizes talk about it, but also all

Wakeboard in Irkutsk

Summer is coming to an end, and it really can be called our most aqueous summer. Aqua Park, a series of alloys, windsurfing on Lake Baikal in Irkutsk, sap-boarding, boating and swimming in Lake Baikal, not to mention the move to the other floating vessels, such as steam and strange fiberglass board, like a sap. And this time, finally it came to a wakeboard. We all summer dream to ride on it, and, behold, it happened. Everything happened quite unexpectedly, it was a warm day – the last before this series of protracted august rains, which then caused flooding in the Irkutsk region. We did not know that we will go to ride, going about our business, but it is a chance and an hour later we were already on the Wake Up wake-station. There is a certain pleasure in such unexpected moments – it’s like a pleasant surprise. And here are our impressions of what a wakeboard in Irkutsk.   Wakeboard in Irkutsk What can I say, wakeboarding for us – it’s not so cheap sport like snowboarding. Otherwise, we would not have waited all summer. By the way, these two sports are very similar. Boards, bindings, boots, stand, and even then it is necessary to use the rope way. But in order to ride a snowboard, you can climb the mountain yourself, then go wakeboarding without a winch is unfortunately impossible. Although not necessary, but then you at least need a boat or a watercraft, plus a means to deliver it all to the reservoir. In general, if you do not go into the technical details, wakeboarding – is the same as snowboarding, only on the melted snow. More precisely we can say that is closer to the freeride. Because the weight of the body should be kept on the back foot and the nose of the board is always above the water. But jibbing and freestyle course differ. It is very tough to land a plane on water, and when you jump on a snowboard, the smooth entry into the landing. On the other hand fall into the water certainly more pleasant than on the “concrete” receiver of kicker.   Alternative to snowboarding Summarizing, wakeboard – a good alternative to snowboarding in the summer. Especially, in order to maintain their skills in freestyle and jibbing. We skated for only 10 minutes and we had enough for the first time. But those who have never stood on a board have to complicated. We watched as one a novice, for example, within 10 minutes of time rode on the board a total of maximum 5 seconds, and if you’ve never stood on a board, you should be prepared for the fact that it will take more time to learn. But it’s definitely worth it! And we are very happy that we tried and that wakeboard in Irkutsk is gaining its popularity. And thank so much to Pasha!   See our small video with cool tricks from Pavel Solodov  

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