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Opening of the freeride season 16/17 Mamay mountain

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Открытие сезона на Мамае

This was our most long-awaited opening of the season on Mamay mountain, since we have not been there for 2 years while living in Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi. And although we had plenty of riding – it was ski slope riding and fresh soft pow as Mamay rarely accrue to us and not enough. Not because the snow did not fall, but because it is very much competition on it. Wake up 10 minutes late opening of the lift, and you can be sure – you’ll be ride on the killed slope. And Mamay as a native for us and his extraordinarily positive atmosphere we missed the most!

Opening of the season on Mamay mountain

In the not too distant two thousandth to the opening of the season on Mamay people came in large numbers, all hung out in one place, and had a lot of fun together! We celebrated so that the next day, few could overpower full riding and really open the season. Although things have changed in this place and these mass parties have been held more rarely, the fun is certainly not diminished. And we are well aware of this, and so were tuned seriously. And our goal was not just to hang out, but spend a productive day, ride well and take some good shots. We have coped with the task, and so our opening of the season on Mamay was a success and this minute video – a good proof of that!

From with Love. Part 2: Mamay

We continue to deal with what to do, namely to conduct an active way of life. To which we have inspired many of you, by the way! So we need to continue our project. The second part of the blog “From with Love” will be devoted not only to Mom, but also preparing for our further, more interesting journey. t will be our metaphorical calm before the storm!

In communication with the introduction into the second part, we updated the design of our pages in social networks:, facebook, instagram и vimeo, where you will find even more new posts, photos, music and videos. Subscribe, like and share with friends, always be informed of our updates and news. Stay with us for the second part of our mega-adventure “From with Love”! The most interesting thing is yet to come!

Video from the opening of the season on Mamay


  Part 2: Mamay, Season open, Video
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