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One-day trip to Mamay

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One-day trip to Mamay, how it was

January did not turn out very active. But from the first days of February we finally went to a one-day trip to Mamay. The trip was very spontaneous as always. We were to reach the foot of Mount Mamay in one day, go to the camp and ride on snowboards and skis. We had to leave very early in the morning, to be exact at four o’clock. But we saw the pros in early trips, the roads are empty and you can quickly reach your destination. However, I would like to note that it was quite cold in the morning and the closer you are to the village of Vydrino, the temperature is lower and lower, even reaching -27 degrees Celsius. We even had the thought of not snowboarding at all and going back.But as soon as we turned onto the road to Mamay, it became a bit warmer, although not comfortable enough, but we knew that we were lucky with the weather.

At 8:15 am we started the climb and reached the camp somewhere in an hour and a half. While we were going it was getting hot. And when they reached the camp, the sun began to show up from behind the mountains. After resting a bit near the hut, we found a couple of spots. It was a sledge to carry passengers in a snowmobile. And while some of us solved working questions, others slid on these snowmobile sledges and rolled out fresh snow nearby.

A painful climb and an excellent descent

Before lunch, we spent time downstairs, took a ride, took pictures and even worked. And finally we went to the mountains. We had to get up faster, because the sun began to drift away from us, hiding behind the mountains. We thought we were going up for ages. Perhaps because we did not go on such trips for a long time, or simply lack of sleep. And so we got up, it must have been about two hours. But when we saw a clean uncharted field, where we were going to take a ride – we had a second wind.

The descent was just a bomb! How good is the slope without any traces and with fresh snow. I think this can not be described in words, just kicks. This is the meaning of such hikes, fresh snow fields! One-day trip to Mamai was recharging positive energy for the next month for us. He was very rich, interesting and sunny. So this day was remembered. See our short video clip from this trip! And also, who has not yet seen, a video about how we in double for a day and a half with our own hands made a halfpipe in the wild mountains. We wish everyone a memorable and inspiring journey!

  Part 2: Mamay, Video
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