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Langutaysky threshold – the opening of the alloys season

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Langutaysky threshold

We again went to the alloy while not passed even one week. But this alloy, though was not 100 kilometers but just 300 meters, but it was much more complex, interesting and memorable. Langutaysky threshold doing this alloy is more complicated, this threshold was much higher than the high threshold on the Irkut river. It brings you right over the cliffs and huge boulders, you can easily crash and roll over. And so it happens if you have no experience in management or catamaran rafts. But what to say, because even the most experienced water managers often are overturned. More interesting, this alloy has become what took place during the official opening of the alloys season and gathered a lot of positive and interesting people who are able not only to overcome the most difficult rapids turbulent mountain rivers, but also wildly fun, because the party in the middle of the weekend guys have organized a magnificent, which made the trip much more memorable than the last. We call it “Two days of pure positive”!

Let’s start with the alloy

When we looked at the first bad alloy, which was the first of all in this day and probably became a trial, then at some time thinking: “Did is worth?”. At this point, time seems stopped and the water seemed even more bustling and fast. There was fear for the boys and a storm of conflicting emotions. But when we saw the shocked, a little scared and happy faces of the guys – we realized: “Even though it is terrible – it’s worth it, it is no wonder that come here!”.

When you first take a catamaran and the approach to the starting point of the alloy, everything seems pretty harmless, but after a moment extreme sensations is already going through the roof! Having just simply fifteen meters need to pass the gates of the two protruding fangs like stones, which of course can be avoided at the risk then do not scrape up and get under a rock, or catch the capsizing, falling from a stone, dissecting langutaysky threshold. This stone, by the way, was one of the most interesting places of the threshold. Guys who were more experienced jumped from it as a springboard. And we after several alloys, of course, also wanted. But as the saying goes: “If you want to get?!”

Personal experience

Our final alloy was full of surprises. We went to the crew of novices, which was obviously a risky business. The problems started even before the start. As a result of the sheer absurdity and stupidity we wrong distribute the weight and force quadruple catamaran, and paid for that as soon as started coming to the gate-canines. When we later realized that we are not going through, we decided to try to get around, but our left side washed by strong currents on one of the stones and began to climb up on it. As a result, we are firmly hung on it – one cylinder in the water, the other on top of the stone. Attempts to get off did not bring success, since we do not have the strength to push off from the rock – the current was much stronger than the four of us together. We hung out on it a few minutes, but it seemed an eternity, no one could help us and we had to do something. Save us could only Nastya, she plunged the paddle into the water and taxied so that we turned around and pulled off the stone.

We had a little breath, reached the turn and had to paddle with all our forces, not to roll over on the stone. Of course we could not steer, we have launched and carried starboard right on half-meter cobblestone, which complicates langutaysky threshold in its middle. It would seem a sure capsizing! But we have not turned over somehow miraculously remained afloat. We are very happy. Emotions overwhelmed us on the beach, we have shared with others what had happened, thus adding to the treasury of experiences of that day not only to themselves but also to other participants. On this day, a lot of newcomers were floated except us. It was young guys and men between the ages, and everyone wanted to raft again and again no matter how successful they are were floated. Rollover or not you – it is not important, rollover everything inside you, you feel an explosion of emotion and so much genuine feeling that I want to repeat it all.

Pepper band

Fun of first day did not end there, the organizers have prepared entertainment for participants. This evening event was held under a large tent on a small stage. There were also fun contests and strip-dance on a pole, but the “Pepper band” were the coolest. This cover band as a qualitative approach to the matter is that every time you feel a concert of this or that artist. They just teleported out of a concert in the concert. As a result of that, we had a shrunken voice clogged by jumping legs and the storm of memories! Chatting and drinking tea by the fire calmed us a little bit, and then we were able to go to sleep, because tomorrow the second part, which included the alloy to Lake Baikal.

The second day

On the second day everything is so adapted themselves to pass langutaysky threshold that this was not so interesting. Everyone wanted to participate in the rescue operation, or rolling over yourself. That some do not even get to do and had to make special alloy itself – what do you say when the you train pass is not rolling over, sooner or later, it becomes difficult to overturn.

Out of our next little adventure a wonderful view of the lake Baikal surface, entering it through one of the mouths of the river Khara-Murin. The water was calm and everything seemed so at peace. This was the best end of a small travel.


Watch also the video from this alloy


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