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Traveling by boat on Lake Baikal in Sandy Bay

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Бухта Песчаная

We use the last warm days of this year on a maximum and then go on a trip to Lake Baikal. Yes, such a large number of different water travel in one summer, we certainly never had. It’s great that the Irkutsk autumn is warm and sunny this year, which enables our old dreams come true and go to another beautiful and popular destination of Lake Baikal which is called the Sandy Bay. There is not possible to drive by car, so the most common way to get to this white sandy beaches, turquoise water and the beautiful cliffs – only water. The exciting and a bit extreme trip on a boat with the breeze was waiting for us. As soon as we started to sail from the coast, was understandable that we would have a lot of positive emotions. We started on the Ministry of Emergency Situation’s base in the Solnechniy neighborhood in Irkutsk city and an hour later refueled on another Ministry of Emergency Situation’s base in Listvyanka village. This way the Angara was pretty calm, foggy, fresh and beautiful, the water was smooth and quiet. But the waves on Lake Baikal were quite large. Then the fun began! The farther we sailed from Listvyanka the greater wave becomes. Moving against the waves motion we flied up on one wave and bumped in another one whole the following path. This shake-up and the jumping did not give comfort, but gave a lot of interest. Especially when you’re at the top of the cabin, where bouncing even stronger than within it, and our task was to resist and not to fall overboard. Then we learned that in the autumn, when the season boat trips on Lake Baikal ends, big wave rages. Аnd it may confuse you!


Grandmother Bay and Sandy Bay

In the end, we shaking and seasick all the way, but well done, and we got to Sandy Bay. But our captain is well aware of this place and sent our boat on the course. When we rounded the Cape of only one to have opened another sandy bay. It is called “Grandma.” This bay is more wild than the previous one, has no tourist bases and no buildings at all, it is smaller in size, but this is much more cozy and intimate. And there was not a single person and it’s surprising, because there are very nice. Maybe the season is over?

This place reminded us of California, where waves were just like in the ocean, white sand rocks, trees and emerald water. Chalet in Sandy Bay is also something unusual that it is difficult to convey in words. Maybe our future video will give you all the atmosphere, but in brief, passing Cape Big Bell (also quite recognizable place of Baikal), we got back in time to 50 years.Everything around was super retro, signs even from the past, the empty basketball court right on the beach, unusual houses and idols like characters of “The Walking Dead” series. Even the Indians. All this is even more immersed in the atmosphere of the Pacific coast. The complete absence of people gave interesting sensations. We survived the apocalypse for a moment, floated several hundred kilometers to escape the horrible reality of the city and ended up in a completely new world.


“Live life on the edge” – our credo

In the sandy bay walk and climb unusual rocks can be very much and long. It is dangerous in some places on the rocks , because strong wind is blowing and it seems that it can easily blow you away into the abyss. But you always want to go to the edge, or sit on a cliff hanging legs to admire the view, at a time when the soul is torn in the heel and somewhere outside, and how you can still see the full depth of the landscapes?

Have you seen the moon over the weekend? When it rises on the horizon, due to the distortion of the atmosphere, there is optical zoom, and it seems so big and then decreases as the ascent. There’s the moon came directly out of the water, and seemed even twice greater than the day before in the city, highlighting our warm evening by the fire with a cup of tea.


Back home on the waves

Sunday morning was not too lazy to get up early only to Nastya. Who early rises, will see the dawn on Baikal, where the sun comes up on the horizon right from the lake. The way back was not so extreme, we walked through the waves, and the boat went softer. We suddenly broke down, there were problems with the right engine. But we quickly repaired on the go. Our captain was a fine fellow, he quickly corrected the damage, and we went to the beautiful sunset.


No too much, no too little, 5 minutes about Lake Baikal


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