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Бамбуковый лес в Киото


We left the metro station at Katsuragawa station and headed for the exit. “Anastasia”- we heard and saw two guys coming to us. They were Haruko and Kana, they greeted us, and led us home past a small military unit, and then along the winding streets of a residential quarter with private low-rise buildings on the outskirts of Kyoto. Until their home, which they filmed with another girl student, was 10 minutes. This two-story house, finished with plaster, is straightforward in Japanese, looking quite old, but without flaws. Inside, everything is a bit different than in Russian houses. From the usual furniture in the living room, where we were stayed for the night, there was a cabinet and a TV cabinet with a TV. There are no chairs, no armchairs, no sofas. The guys are sitting on the floor. And this is one of the distinctive features of Japanese culture. In the retro futuristic green kitchen in the evenings, we discussed and compared our traditions, customs and rules, everyday life, languages ​​and just chatting. Together we cooked. Haruko and Kana – Japanese miso, fish and some other stuff, and we – fried potatoes with chicken, scrambled eggs and toast.

They are students.

They study art, design and photography. Their studies cost 1,000,000 yen a year, but they are on scholarships and study for free. Their graduates are appreciated and they do not need to go in the army. They said that the main purpose of the army of Japan is not defense, but security, relief and disaster management in cases of natural disasters such as tsunamis. If you do not want to be a soldier, you can leave at any time. They have an interesting game “Chain of words” like our “In the Cities”. They drink tasty bright green tea and do not like Japanese pop music.

Monkey park.

We have noticed for a long time that we are always where there are no tourists. And what’s more, we get to get to some cool places, very beautiful, where people will rest or walk around, but there will be absolutely no tourists. Most likely this is due to the fact that we do not use public transport and we get to all the cool places on our skateboards. And on the way we find even steeper places! This time we again decided to save on the daily pass for Kyoto City Bus, which costs 500 yen per person, and went to the Park of the Apes on foot. Especially since half a day we spent on catching wi-fi and did not catch anything.

Label on the map.

Nastya noted on the map of Kyoto only Monkey Park and bamboo forest and something else in the other end of the city. Up to the bamboo forest in a straight line from us, there were only 5 kilometers and out of it through the forest led a trail to the Park of the Apes. It was an excellent plan. Wandering for a while along winding streets and after two temples in which we were not allowed, we came upon this majestic green oasis. Well-groomed trail leads steeply uphill, but the forest is wild. A million stalks and not a single tourist, no one at all. We, as fools, walked through the forest with umbrellas, which our Japanese friends kindly lent us, and reached the top of the mountain, from where a beautiful view of the whole of Kyoto opens. Further on the map “maps me” the path led along the top of another ridge in the Park of the Monkeys and we thought that we had found this path. But when we went along it, it disappeared and we were just walking down the mountain in the forest, climbing under the trees and gliding along the wet grass. We thought we were lost, but still, swearing, went go on.


– A monkey!
– Where?
– Over there! Oh, one more!
– Wow! There’s a whole family there.
– Cool!

We dropped everything and started taking pictures and video clips of cool monkeys that surrounded us from all sides. They sat on branches literally a meter from us and they were almost wild and free. Yeah almost! Soon we realized why until this moment did not see a single monkey in the whole forest. Here, in Kyoto in the park of monkeys, they are fed and do business on it. And the path was blocked from above, and it was overgrown with grass. We realized that we are behind a fence where tourists can not enter, where there were not even workers, only monkeys on their trees.

We parted the rabitsa and invisibly sneaked into the People’s Park. We threw off things on the bench and only managed to pretend to be tourists, as saw the employees of the park making their way to us through the barriers. It turned out that tourists can not be here. Ha! It’s time to “include a fool”!

– Hello, you can not be here!

– Hello, we do not know how it turned out! We came from the mountain. First we walked along the path, but then it disappeared and on the map it was still … I’ll show you, look!

– Wow! All clear! But the entrance to the park territory is paid, if you want to stay here you need to pay 1000 yen.

– OK, no problem. And if we leave now? – by the way, we were already late for a meeting with Haruko and Kana.

– Good.

– Can you hold us before the exit? – and the staff took us to the exit.

They spent us half the way and said that there already know that we descended the mountain. And we went downstairs and joked about the tourists who go upstairs to look at a couple of monkeys, which for the most part are all in the woods behind the fences. The face is serious and we go outside. That’s where everyone – they pay for the entrance to the well-groomed bamboo forest!


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