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June 1: International Children’s Day

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Summer! The sun! International Children’s Day!

Hooray! The summer has begun! And it began with beautiful weather and bright cheerful holiday. Yes, today the long-awaited June 1 International Children’s Day, an anniversary, established in 1949, and not just anywhere but in Paris. And on this holiday we went for a walk with the little sister in the center of Irkutsk look at the interesting events.

The first thing we looked at the main square “fashion district” shopping and entertainment center, and immediately realized: “Today, no child left at home!”. The people were incredibly much, and children around the city probably had more than adults. Nice to know that the city authorities are paying so much attention to children and organize for them a real feast of fun and entertainment as they have not yet left for children’s camps and grandmothers in villages! And they organize quite well, because we never waited in line for a long time, with so many eager children. Maximum of 10 minutes and the child is already in all jumping on trampolines and inflatable rides a roller coaster.

The atmosphere around reigned a truly festive and good. Children having fun, playing, smiling and adults enjoyed looking at them. Children’s Day is probably the most positive holiday of them all, because there is no drunk people, no smell of cigarettes, no quarrels, all the adults and the kids are very friendly towards each other.

Nastya sister Vicki quickly played enough in trampoline complexes, and we went through the 130 quarter to the Youth island. Miraculously, bypassing all the alluring entertainment, we went to the Surf Donuts to taste fresh donuts and cool lemonade. These delicious donuts we ate only in New Mexico during the US tour! This is the real donuts!

Children were even more on the waterfront and the island of Youth, it seemed that everything came out after hibernation. We went straight to a small amusement park, or rather we are just catching up with a child who ran away from us in this park. We wondered how many there were various interesting activities for children: Zorba, hand catamarans, swing on trampolines and more. But we noticed that for the child is the most fun activity – is to play anywhere on the playground, and the hills, from where we could not take Vicki away to the home for a very long time. The funny thing of the day was – it is Vicki communion with animals. She really wanted to ride a horse and for some reason, chose the most bizarre: first, the donkey, then stopped on a white pony, whom we could not watch without laughing. Her familiarity with the camel ended funny spit right in Vicki’s face. Sorry, we do not have time to photograph this moment!

As summer meet – and spend!

We were very lucky with the weather! It’s great that the first day of summer in the blue sky and the sun shone bright colors blooming trees and flowers. We believe and hope that this summer we will enjoy perfect weather every day is the first day of summer – a festive, bright, cheerful and full of joyful emotions and memories! We wish you all are more smiles!

In this article you can to watch a small video from International Children’s Day.


Watch the funny video from this holiday


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