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Irkutsk cliffs. Climbing and hiking

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We got to the “Knight” in one hour

This is our new one-day walking trip to the Irkutsk cliffs in Olkha plateau, which gave us a lot of impressions. We went on the train to the station “Eaglet”, which is about one and a half hours drive. At the weekend there are two morning trains, with a difference of 30 minutes. We sat on the second. The first usually goes a lot of people, because all vacationers rush to leave town for their gardens. And the second is almost empty, so to “Eaglet” we reached comfortably and behind schedule in 30 minutes. Time again we were little. Sunday morning, we definitely need to be in the city. And we only had merely nine and a half hours. But the upcoming road without stopping should take about three hours and a half each way. And our plans were climbing. But we certainly have warned that if we want to work out climbing, one day may not be enough. We did not need to take the equipment. It took our friends. And we decided that will have time to go through the whole route in one day. We took a blueberry pie fro our friends. Кстати пирог We took a blueberry pie, which we did ourselves of blueberries, which have lumped in the forest for two days before.

So, the first stop is rock “Knight” – the most popular and accessible of all Irkutsk cliffs. There’s even a tourist base. We arrived an hour before the rock, leaving behind those who came on the first train. But it was time for lunch and we climbed to the top of the cliffs, a bite to eat with excellent panoramic views of the Olkha plateau, the river and the tourist center. Again miss time, which made up for, we moved on to an even more rapid pace.


Irkutsk cliffs

There are two ways from rock “Knight” to rock “Fortress”: through a ski resort and through other rocks. We went the second way. The next rock is the “Idol” rock. This is an incredibly beautiful rock. As if a giant has made huge blocks of one another. By the way, some other rocks have the same effect. After taking a rest and admiring the unusual rock, we went on by the “Siberian” rock.

Our next stop was the “Turtle” rock. From top of that rock was amazing panorama of whole the plateau. Probably one of the most beautiful we have seen in our travels. Feeling as if you climbed to the highest peak and you can see all around. Но ты всего лишь стоишь на краю высокой скалы и под тобой бескрайний лес, окантованный горными хребтами вдали. We enjoy the majestic beauty of Siberia down, but we had a very wet and hot trail, which took place through the hills and bogs with burned forest. The road has become much more complicated, but a large amount of raspberries and other berries of all kinds. It cheered us. And although we have already got wet feet and we were walking in the grass taller us. Climb attitude remained the same, and we tried to keep up the rhythm.

And finally we come to “Grandma Izergil” rock. The name of it is very consistent. Generally all Irkutsk cliffs meet their names, but the name “Grandma Izergil” no doubt. Here we lost the trail and a lot of nerves and time in search of it. The rock “Fortress” was only 10 minutes from the “Grandma Izergil”. It was a shame to get off at the end. But the good guys have prompted us the way.


Climbing – this is cool!

This beautiful rock stood in the middle of endless fields, dotted with giant boulders. But where are they all? We have already begun to shout “Andrew, Andreeew!”. But nothing in return. It was not funny. We went around the whole Fortress and cheers, we hear the voices of the people! We got to the place and back before going back was only one hour. But there is no time to rest, we want to climb on the rocks. Hangout near the cliff was pretty large, and, approaching him, we heard: “Well, here today, just like in the city.” But do not get bored! The whole crowd tells us where the hand-foot insert, in which the gap. How would it matter sounded, the way it was. The most simple and short route “Last Chance” – a gap passing through a pair of reverse slope, we had successfully passed with a great noise and a flurry of emotions. Thanked the guys for this chance and went back down by the other trail through ski resort, breathing fresh delicious and cool pine forest air. And we, by a happy coincidence, brought up from there to Irkutsk.


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