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Go Skateboarding Day 2017 in Irkutsk

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Unfortunately, Nastya and I, for some reason, broke the tradition and did not even stand on skateboard on the Go Skateboarding Day on June 21, 2017 in Irkutsk. But we visited the competitions and this is the most important thing. Everything is changing and now there are no such loud contests, conducted by the guys from the “Staff Departmaent”, on which a lot of people gathered. And now local boardshops do not want to develop and support this sport, for some reasons. But the fuse of the guys does not fade and they traditionally hold this holiday on their own. And we need to give them a genre of respect for this. But it pleases not only this, and also the fact that the level of riding guys is growing significantly year after year. And I would like to wish them, on this holiday, continuous of this progress!

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