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Fujinomiya – Nagoya. Days 8 to 11

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Замок Нагоя

Fujinomiya – Nagoya.

Way Fujinomiya – Nagoya. That evening, according to the plan, we wanted to do three more things: stock up on food, where to stay for the night and take a shower. But neither cheap housing nor supermarkets, unfortunately, was not close by. We made an attempt to get to Nagoya by night transport, but the prices that we were told were kind of high. It looks like we’ll have to spend the night in a tent for the third night in a row. We bought our favorite biscuits and chocolates and went to look for a place to sleep.

Maybe we’ll spend the night in the toilet?

As it turned out, the tourist infrastructure on Shiraito Falls is very developed and even at night in the information center there are multi-functional lavatories, where there are all kinds of changing beds, toilets and even something like a shower. We freshened up, caught a good wi-fi signal and seriously thought about staying on the bed for the night. We already moved all our belongings to one of the rooms when I pressed the button and the alarm went on signalling. We got scared, panicked and began to evacuate. Outside, the siren screamed even louder, I saw a button near the warning light and instinctively pressed on it.  Hooray! Silence! Apparently it was a signal in case someone in the wheelchair was helpless. And now we saved ourselves and the agitated went to set up a tent.

Morning on the waterfall.

The morning we spent at the waterfalls and, inspired by the first successful hitchhiking, decided to catch a wheelbarrow. We rode a couple of kilometers on the boards and started to stop a cars. To our surprise, almost immediately stopped an elderly man who practically did not speak English, but realized that we need to go to the ocean, said: “Okay!” And we sat down with all the bags in the back seat.

Japanese responsiveness

The Japanese are such a people that they certainly help. It is almost always easier to ask than to look for something yourself, but in Japan we realized that passers-by on trifles should not ask anything, especially how it is cheaper to get to a nearby city! Because they will ask a lot of people, run through all the information centers and will not rest until they finally put you on the right bus, even if you just wanted to know how much it costs.

So it happened now. We said that we need to Nagoya and the uncle began calling all friends to find out which bus stop to bring us. We tell him: “We need any bus station, we will find!”, And he in response: “Nothing, I have a lot of time!” And then he calls again. He brought us to some bus stop in Shizuoka. While he went to find out from the girl at the bus stop about the right bus, we already got out of the car. He called us and explained what bus we need and how much he will come. And the bus came straight at once, the man has not finished explaining to us. The girl says: “Here’s the bus to Nagoya” but not verbatim of course, because in Japanese. But we caught the gist. They put us on this bus. We ask the driver: “what is the cost of tickets to Nagoya?” Tickets cost 3,350 yen per person, this is approximately 1,800 rubles per km 200-250 way. We are once again in shock from the prices, but what to do now, we give the driver a card, and he tells us: “No card, cash only!”, And we have 1000 yen. We are not that upset we get out of the bus, we take the luggage, and he yells to the uncle who has not yet managed to leave, they do not go anywhere. The man came running, without question pulls out 7000 yen, gives them to Nastya and says: “Here you go, ride to Nagoya!”. We were stunned simply, but they did not refuse, because we still need to go to Nagoya.

They bowed to him, gave him a farewell magnet with the image of Baikal and, being completely shocked, went to Nagoya.


Upon arrival in Nagoya, we had no plans. On the map, only the castle is marked, but it is far away.  We had no sleeping places, it was already dark. We sat at the bus station, did a couple of inquiries for “couchsurfing” and at the same time talked to some guy from Sri Lanka. It turned out that he was very fond of Russia and communism, Lenin, Stalin and Gorbachev, and Putin was not very. We are not strong in politics, so we went to SevenEleven to heat rice. Our request was confirmed by a girl from Taiwan and we went to her through the whole city. She studies at university and studies Japanese, lives in a hostel on the type of a small apartment. We chatted a bit about everything, ate, washed, and went to sleep in different corners of one room on the floor. It was quite cold at night. Heating in the apartment was not or was disabled, students usually save on heating water and heating. We slept under a thick blanket, and she was under the usual and still under the down jacket. In the morning she with great interest and exclamation: “Wow!” Watched as we collect backpacks. We said goodbye and went to see the castle.

Nagoya Castle

The entrance fee is 500 yen per person. We went to see the castle with backpacks, near the entrance we found a little-visited gazebo with storage cameras that cost 300 yen each. But we thought a little, just shoved a large backpack into one of the boxes, left it unlocked, just closed the door and went to look at the lock. The area on which the castle is located is very large. Around the castle is a garden, several other buildings and a deep moat. The castle itself is a museum, and the museum is a museum. Something like that!

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