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From Tokyo to Kawaguchiko to Fujiyama and Shiraito Waterfall

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Вулкан Фудзи

From Tokyo to Kawaguchiko to Fujiyama and Shiraito Waterfall

Today is March 26, 2018 and this is our 15th day with Nastya around the world. Now we are in the middle of the Sea of Japan, we cross it from Fukuoka to Pusan. We traveled through Japan now begins a journey through Korea. Nastya sleeps in her chair and I woke up still tired.  More precisely, I realized that during these two weeks in Japan, we have accumulated such wild fatigue that even sleep does not help. But we knew that it would not be easy.  And need to remember this. It’s amazing how accurately we managed to get across the marks on the map across Japan, from Narita to Fukuoka. We drove exactly according to plan. Sometimes with some incredible luck, but almost always we squeezed out of ourselves all the forces. Of course the most difficult thing was to sleep in a tent and move independently. In the tent, we spent a total of 6 nights and 5 of them were cold. Once we woke up from the fact that we could not breathe, because I forgot to open the ventilation.

We did not go far beyond the city to the forest. We stood in the most unexpected places, when people in the streets were no longer there. The first night was our endurance test.

From Tokyo to Kawaguchiko to the volcano Fuji

In Tokyo, it was already drizzling, and when we arrived in Kawaguchiko, it grew quite strong. The plan was to get to the campsite 3 kilometers from the Fuji Q Highland Park. But we miss the bus stop, and the camping was almost twice as far. We put on the backpacks waterproof covers and went to the camping side, then went through the turn, went back and realized that it was useless.  The rain watered like from the bucket. We found the nearest green spot on the map and went to him, once again missing the desired turn.

It was a mountain that was climbing steeply, and at the foot was stay of the houses. I noticed one flat place for the tent, which then seemed somehow eerie. It was place behind a concrete wall and a fence made of mesh, intertwined with lianas. We began to make our way through the thickets on the mountain.

The next morning was not very cold, but very beautiful. We crawled out of the tent, and before us the Fuji volcano, in all its glory. The whole day we froze in the queues for two hours and then rode on the highest roller coaster in the world. And in the evening there was one small miracle – we did not pass by the supermarket and bought gas for our burner, which we had enough for the whole of Japan.

To the waterfall of Shiraito through the reserve “Five lakes”

The next point after Kawaguchiko is the Shiraito waterfall. On the map he is from the other side of Fuji. We thought that we will not go there, especially since it did not seem to me impressive in the photo. We took things out of the key locker and went to look for another camping site, which seemed to be not far away. Nothing was found and stood at the beginning of the trail to the “Five Lakes”, not far from the houses.

The morning was sunny. We dried the tent from condensation went further along the path through with an excellent view of Fuji and several absolutely deserted, but very beautiful temples. Then we went down to Lake Kawaguchiko and skate along the road towards the campsite, where we wanted, finally, to take a shower. It seems that our path now now lies around the Fuji volcano toward the Shiraito waterfall. Of the several campsites marked on the map, we found only one and that turned out to be more a camp for fishermen than a tent camp. The shower could only be accepted by paying for the accommodation and we went go on.

We sat down to cook coffee at the crossroads in the middle of the forest. The guy came next to us and nodded to us, drank a little water and suddenly started gesturing with horns on his head, I realized that he saw a deer running across the road and calling us to look, but as long as we realized what was happening, he already ran away. The guy left, the bus stopped, two Europeans came out and went into the forest. The guy left, the bus stopped, two Europeans came out and went into the forest.

“Hi, where are you going?”

“Hi, there’s a cave of bats somewhere near here and we want to find it.”

We finished our coffee, put things in the bushes and followed them. And a little later we met them on the way back. They did not find anything. We were upset, but after a kilometer and a half, randomly got to another cave. It was a windy cave with ice pillars, the entrance costs 150 rubles per person or for free if you bypass the checkpoints in the forest. We bought tickets, but they were not checked at the checkpoint.

We are very tired and the rest of the way to the last camping we decided to get by bus. The bus cost 600 rubles per kilometer 10 – 15. At such moments, our entire saving of money goes to nothing. We realized that everything is always averaged, somewhere will be lucky, but somewhere on the contrary.

It was already evening when we got to some next small town near some other lake. In addition, the wind rose and clouds thickened, somewhere there should have been another camping, but we decided to try to catch the wheelbarrow and move on.

We rode on skateboards along the edge of the lively forest road, stretching out our hands with a raised finger and amused ourselves,  cursing on passing by. Five minutes later two young Japanese stopped. We showed them the mark on the map and in less than a half hour we were in the center of Fujinomiya. One pointed somewhere and said: “Shiraito Falls!”. We approached the observation platform and we were presented with a beautiful panorama of the waterfall, with a multitude of different streams flowing from a huge rock as from a wall. I did not even imagine that the waterfall would be so huge and our delight was beyond the limit, because he impressed even much more than the famous Fujiyama.

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