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Regular direction from Goloustnoye to Peschanaya Bay

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Голоустное Песчанка

A week after the rafting along the Kitoy river, we were invited to take a boat trip along the route Irkutsk (the quay of the Ministry of Emergency Situations base) – Listvyanka (refueling) – the village of Goloustnoye (permanent parking lot) – Peschanaya Bay (a very beautiful popular tourist place on Lake Baikal). And although the boat had to stay to go on the route from Goloustnoye to Peschanaya Bay, we were lucky to return to it in Irkutsk.

The water was relatively calm. We reached the village of Goloustnoye pretty quickly and without shaking like last year (by the way, watch the video and read about our last year’s trip on the boat to the Peschanaya bay, because this time we did not have the chance to shoot the material) and spent the rest of the day in the harbor of this village. The village is big and “alive”, but there is nothing to do in it. You can walk a little, climb to the observation high or go to the cave of primitive people nearby. But we are lazy this in year and resting like lazy fat men. Therefore, from all options, we chose only the first. But the most interesting is yet to come!



From Goloustnoye to Peschanaya Bay

The morning came and we went to the bay Peschanaya on the water surface together with the added passengers. This place at the beginning of the season is not very rich in any activities or adventures. Therefore, we went ourselves to seek adventure. But we did not find anything either on the edge of the forty-meter cliff, nor on the rocks with the nests of seagulls, nor even inside the rocky grotto. We took a couple of photos for a memory and went back to the boat to watch as our friend absolutely without a wind looking for adventures on his windsurf. Well, let’s find an adventure another time! Peschanaya Bay very picturesque even without it, there are many places where you can walk or climb somewhere higher. But the main thing is why everyone goes – it’s of course – just to relax and swim. But we are lazy stout-boys, so we did not even do it. Maybe you are lucky in this !?

By the way, if you go by boat to Irkutsk in the evening, then for sure you will at least be lucky to see an unforgettable sunset and spend it twice, as we are.

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