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From Arshan to Utulik

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People are not for nothing coming to Arshan by crowds. This place does not look like one of the equally accessible and easily accessible from Irkutsk and other nearby cities. The abundance of greenery amazes, freshness, mountain air and of course the waterfall. We do not remember what it’s called, but we remember how cool it is to plunge into it and freshen up in the summer heat. And if you do not want to stay in Arshan for the night or you have studied it far and wide, take a tent with you and go from Arshan to Utulik.

There you can settle on a sandy beach on the shore of Lake Baikal. The difficulty is only to drive to the shore. Because the roads to it lead through the forest and are rather confused. But the main thing is to go in the right direction and be sure to find a great place!

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