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Fairy forest оf the Olkhin plateau

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When you are overwhelmed by urban routine and everything around you is not interesting, there is nothing better than to get distracted from all the affairs and fuss and just take a walk through the spring forest. Especially in the fairy forest of the Olkhin plateau, where a fairy tale is waiting for you!

Indeed, when you do the same route every day to work, to a supermarket or even just walking along the usual route, no matter how colorful banners, screens and signs – all this, sooner or later, begins to merge into one gray picture. Especially when the outdoors off-season! Then you can see much more real live colors in a simple quiet forest, away from the city. And you can just swing on a swing and look around, do not memorize anything, but feel the present!



By the way, here’s how this fabulous forest and Olkhin rocks look in the summer in

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