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Circum Baikal Railway – legs killer

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Circum Baikal Railway? No, thank you!

We have long wanted to try to go through all the Circum Baikal railway and about a month ago, almost went to storm this route. But we overslept, gather our stuff for a long time and as a result missed the train and went to the route from Listvyanka to Big Cats. This time we packed up on time, went on the first train to Shelekhov for tent and had half an hour to sit on the second train! While we went to pick up the tent, we decided to check which of trains will be consist more people. On the one hand people are in a hurry to come early, but on the other – they love to sleep in the morning on the weekend. And people prefer to huddle in the first train to come to the cottage a little early. And no one thinks, standing and sweating in a stuffy train that rides behind the almost empty train.


Adventure awaits

We’re going to the railroad, where 38 tunnels with a total length of 9063 meters, and suddenly realize that our flashlight batteries run down and a flashlight in the phone is unlikely to be enough for the whole journey. There is no shops on the way and no place to recharge the phone, too. It has become some scary! So now what? Comes back is not going to! We decided to follow the advice of experienced and go from the Moving station, supposedly so you can shorten the path. After 18 kilometers through the forest, gathering all the cobwebs and spiders, feeling like mummies, three hours later, finally reached the lake Baikal, where we realized that we have reduced the 10 kilometers of railway and vice versa lost in transit somewhere around five kilometers. We disappointed with this decision a bit and realized that these additional ten kilometers later would have seemed agonizing infinity.

On the first day, a total of 25 kilometers have passed (18 in the forest and 7 Circum Baikal Railway). Places certainly very beautiful and Baikal smooth as a mirror reflects the sky, merging with it on the horizon. But where are beautiful places –  there chalet! On the 137 km of Circum-Baikal  two chalet Sharyzhalgay. One chalet common to all, and the second chalet classy is not for everyone. Nicely done of course, but for some reason are not allowed into the territory, even if you want to go down to the shore – strange. The security said it a private area, not a chalet, and that the descent to the coast there are further. Probably soon the whole coast of the lake Baikal build the.


A comprehensive total darkness

We have not seen very long tunnels on the first day, but the second – neither once were immersed in these black holes. The light from the phone flashlight lit up only a meter of trail in front of us. And it was better not to raise our eyes. Не Not because there is a risk of tripping, but because that is visible only black color, 100% black or # 000000 in the colors of your screen. And it’s such a shock to the consciousness, spoiled as a child about the Freddy movies that with every step you do not approach the exit of the tunnel, you are approaching panic. But we have not plunged into darkness for a long time and with the first ray of light at the end of the tunnel, embracing black recedes and hope for a brighter future returns to us.

Once we come to the cave, which did not inspire anything good in itself 50 meters before. The light in it was lost just once, at the entrance on the ground lay a thick fog and the cold came from inside. The only thing missing frame skulls and inscriptions:

“The way is shut. It was made by those who are Dead, and the Dead keep it, until the time comes. The way is shut.”

We did not go into the tunnel, Circum Baikal Railway earlier there were two lines of railroad tracks and the second round was held in the rock, and only in the end it was a small 70-meter tunnel. And the tunnel is 636 meters and as we walked to bypass him, realized that there would definitely have gone crazy!


The reason is not in the shoe

On the 120th kilometer of Circum Baikal Railway we firmly believe this venture failed and rather dull. Maybe because we were limited in time and tried to go a little more, not sparing ourself. But we knew that even if the stretch is the “fun” for a couple of days – that this campaign we still get bored. Because there is no trail, you go on the sleepers and sharp stones or hard rails that discourage foot completely. Boots tinder, and through sneakers and running shoes you can feel sharp stones. We took the train before the “Half” mountain, which consist the longest 777 meters tunnel. And it was our biggest success – to drive the remaining 30 kilometers of lying on the upper shelves reserved seat. then we got ferry “Beautiful Smithy” and the 20-kilometer traffic jam on the Baikal tract, shower and hot tea with lemon. Do not go through the whole Circum Baikal Railway!


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