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China totals

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Гуйлинь. Китай

Upon arrival in China, for the first time, we ran out of money and started real adventures. But this country is not for such adventures. You have to go here with money, because you don’t see anything for free here.


Let’s start with the fact that a foreigner people vehicle is prohibited to drive. It is necessary to do the Chinese rights, hire a guide and many more problems.Renting of a car do not know, most likely also impossible. And public transport is not so cheap. If you compare with the Russian, then two or three times more expensive. Buses cost about 250-300 rubles per hundred kilometers. Trains are 2 times more expensive than buses, but sometimes you can find tickets at a comparable price. Almost always, if you need to drive a total of thirty kilometers between small cities, tickets will cost more than if you travel a hundred or two hundred kilometers between large ones. Therefore, if there are no intermediate points on the map, it is better to immediately take tickets to the final destination, because with transfers it will be same. Tried, we know!

Usually, all tourists travel by high-speed trains, so do not be surprised if you buy the cheapest ticket for a regular train or bus, and besides you there will no white people, and you will be a “white crow” even literally.


Hostels and guesthouses in China are pretty cheap. We used the options for 350-450 rubles a day for two – a common room in a hostel or 500-550 rubles a day for two – a double. They have even cheaper, but tourists are not allowed there, they are only for locals. To bypass this rule you is unlikely to succeed, since they need to register all the guests, and they will ask for your passport. Sometimes, by the way, when they check in, they will want to keep passport. Say that you need a passport, you can not move around the city without it and you will be given it. The same with the deposit – you can say that there is no or not enough cash, and can “forgive”.

Payment by Visa card and cash withdrawals at ATMs

In cheap guesthouses and hostels, only cash is accepted, with a local Union Pay card and / or other local payment systems. What is strange, because sometimes even an untidy local street food vendor can pay with a smartphone by scanning the barcode on the price tag. But this is again a local payment system.

Visa cards are not accepted in most cases. Fortunately, with our bank card, we could withdraw cash without any interest at the Bank of China (Bank of China).


For three weeks in China, we spent only three nights in a tent. One of them was on a fish farm, one night in a communist garden, one in a city park. Of course they have no campgrounds. Therefore, we tried to be as secretive as possible. But it is worth noting that the Chinese get up very early and with the first rays of the sun (already at half past four in the morning) they will walk, do exercises, run or even work in the field.


On couchsurfing lived only in Shanghai with two hosts and tried in Guilin. In Shanghai, it was cool, in Guilin – no one accepted, but there and hostels were very cheap. Submit requests in advance – there will be more chances.

Camping gas

Cylinders that are screwed to the burner, you will not find. Find only Korean type. We do not have an adapter so it was sad. We asked for hot water in the shops and canteens. They gived us water from a large thermos without any problems.


After Japan and South Korea, food is still varied (even more than) and much more accessible. We found buckwheat, cookies (even Russian), cheap fruit and coffee. We did not buy milk and bread – a bit more expensive than in Russia. In Guilin, hooked on a local chak-chak. From yummy it was the most profitable in the price-weight ratio. And of course we brewed a lot of noodles.

We bought mostly in large supermarkets, because the price tags are all in their places.


This is a very big problem in China. Our advice – buy a local SIM card to enjoy free Wi-Fi. They are always asked to enter a phone number to send a confirmation code. He will not come to the Russian number.

China is blocking American social networks and instant messengers, so install a VPN server and you will be happy.


The question of communication interests all and many even stops. With this, there is no problem anywhere. With minimal English you can communicate well and clearly. The Chinese do not know him as much as you do, so sign language and of course a smile will help you. In general, the 21st century is courtyard, as though it may sound banal, but Google translator is a very useful thing!


There are a lot of famous and very popular landmarks, both natural and man-made, but the country is not small either. Interesting places are scattered widely and it is impossible to drive around them all at once. Everything you want to see is worth the money. On average, two thousand rubles from the nose. Even some bullshit.

Now, although we don’t have much desire to return to China, we have plans to visit it for the third time, because we haven’t yet seen much and most important.

Costs in China for exactly three weeks for two

Again, we spent three days in Qingdao, drove from Qingdao to Shanghai on 12 buses, a week in Shanghai, then to Guilin by train, spent a week there, then to Nanning by night train and immediately hitchhiking to the border with Vietnam.

Flights from Seoul to Qingdao for two: 14590 rubles;

Road: 10890 rubles;

Food: 4492 rubles;

Accommodation: 3240 rubles.

Total without air tickets: 18,622 rubles.

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