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2 weeks on Jeju Island. Part 2

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Кемпинг на Чеджу

The second week the weather became better, then worse, but on average it became noticeably cooler, because the wind blew though and not much, but constantly. Jeju Island is big, and we were only in the city, on the beach for a week and once went to the volcano. We can say did not look at anything and decided to wait until the wind a little reduce and we’ll go east along the shore and find camping somewhere along the road.


And now, it would seem, the weather has improved and a quiet sunny day has come, we must move forward, but we have a lot of work, and we decide to stay until tomorrow. In the morning we made exercises, had breakfast, took our homemade shower and started to get ready for the trip. Meanwhile, a strong wind began to blow. We went on skateboards along the coast to the east. In such moments, we always think about the correctness of the actions. Because it seems that nature itself pushes you back and says: “Do not go there! You have nothing to do there!”. Sometimes we listen to her, but now we go against her will and pretty soon we’ll pay for it. In the meantime, we reached one very beautiful temple and decided to rest a little.

Finally we drove this long airport and reached the seaport. A little went wrong and had to make a detour, but we went into the wholesale and took three boxes of chocopai. And not far from the next oil base at one time we got rid of one of them. Further was there is a long serpentine and a beautiful park on the mountain overlooking the port, simulators and winding paths for running.

The terrible fall

We went through the mountain, went down the road, quickly began to ride on the skateboard and Nastya, deciding to brake, fell very heavily and tore her elbow, side and knee. I heard a shout behind my back and saw her lying on the asphalt along the road. I ran up, picked it up, saw the wound and was numb with terror. I put her on the parapet, but she had a pain shock and she began to faint. I was even more scared! Nastya turned pale and fell, I beat her on the cheeks, I try to wake her up and shout to passers-by: “Help!”. I showed the man that she needed water, and he went to knock on some house. Meanwhile, Nastia began to gradually recover, drank, washed the wounds and struggled to not faint, because to look at the abrasions in the meat was unbearable!

Anyway, but there was no sense in sitting on the spot, it was necessary to go further and we again set off. Now we walked on foot, but Nastya insisted that she could go rides on skateboard. I was amazed at how simply she reacted to such a severe fall and how she suffers pain, but did not want to agree to ride on skateboards! We agreed that I just rolled her behind me like on a cart. 🙂 Well, having lost a lot of time, we did not have time to get to the campsite and we stopped at the first beach. Already in the darkness we put up a tent, prepared to eat and began to heal the wounds.

Where is the camping

By lunchtime the next day we got to the town of Jochon. A beach with white sand, azure water and lava rocks, a mountain with a temple on top and a bunch of pilgrims walking along a serpentine, crowds of schoolchildren of all ages play in the park on the beach – all this we watched while brewed coffee. And everything was gorgeous, if not for this wind. We found a camping from the second time, first only an auto-camping, which was a camper car built in rows, with terraces attached to them, and they was be for rent. We were upset, ate and went skateboarding, looking for sockets, wifi, thinking, eating and resting until we saw the signpost for the camping we needed. Here it is, near the road. There’s nobody there, only the wind and the bare pillars that used to be palm trees. We were upset the second time and decided to try our luck at the campsite in the next town.

Before camping on the beach of Gimyong town we got by bus already towards the evening. Apparently there used to be a developed camping infrastructure. After all, in addition to the sign “Camping” and the shaved meadow, there is also a common summer kitchen, with taps and sinks, a public toilet, lighting and sockets. And even, perhaps, in the summer (in season) it all functions, but now the toilet is locked, the kitchen looks pretty abandoned, and there is no electricity in the sockets even when the lights are turned on.

But here there are places for tents under the roof – something like gazebos. And before we stretched our tent under one of these roofs, we decided to eat and, while preparing dinner, to bandage bandages on Nastya’s wounds. The bandages had dried up, and the dressing had turned into a twenty-minute torment. At last the wound is opened and now it looks even worse. We do not have any healing ointment, but everything shows that it’s impossible to do without it.

Everything is as it should be

Two fellow backpackers came and settled nearby. We met their eyes and waved at each other as a sign of greeting back in Jochon. They are from mainland South Korea and have now walked all the way from the airport. I asked if they had any ointments from abrasions and bruises. But there was nothing of the kind in their large backpacks. But one of them, who spoke better English, gladly decided to help with the search. We went to the minimarket, which was right here, about fifty meters away. He explained to the saleswomen what we were looking for, and they sold us a little tube of ointment from our own medicine cabinet. And they sold for quite inexpensive and, strangestly, they carried us through the cashier so that we could pay by card. Ten minutes later, it’s done. It all worked out exactly as it should!

The annoying return

The next day, luck completely turned away from us. From the very morning a strong wind began. We replenished the stock of chop, tried to cook sausages, ate them coldly and went into the interior of the island from the wind and closer to the longest caste cave in the world, whose entrance was only three hundred rubles per person. The plan was to spend the night in the forest near the cave and visit it the next morning. On the way were posters with deer and mites. The first poster was encouraging, and the second poster not.

While I was looking for a place under the tent, I frightened away the deer in the forest and could only see its white fluffy tail. Meanwhile, Nastya was talking with staff who noticed us on the surveillance cameras and now told her that we can not spend the night in the forest and they will go home until we leave the reserve. It ended with the fact that they took us back to the shore, where the storm was already raging in full force and there was literally nowhere to hide. We had no choice but to get on the bus and return there from where we started – to our first camping.

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