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Buguldeika is a very beautiful, windy, but at the same time quiet place. Here is few tourists at any time of the year, but here is a many incredibly beautiful landscapes. Here is a red-backed redwood forest; rocks and hills, towering above the shore of Lake Baikal; a marble quarry, amazing by huge extraordinary blocks. Here is a very beautiful beach with an abandoned harbor. And here is you can watch from the height to the winds blowing the patterns on the watery Baikal. If you want to know more about Baikal, it’s worth to come here, but it’s worth taking warm clothes with you, because the winds in Buguldeyka are really very strong, cold and seldom when they subsided.

Well, if you are traveling on a good SUV, you can ride along the taiga from Buguldeika to Maloye Goloustnoye.

  Part 3: Baikal, Photo
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