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In the Big Cats village by jeeps

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На джипах в Большие Коты

To Big Cats by car

Plans for the weekend changed again. This time we were going to hike to the peak Cherskogo, but unfortunately the weather did not allow us this. But let some fun to our trip, because it was proposed to knead mud from Listvyanka to the Big Cats by car. This trip can be described in two words: “It was awesome!”. But we will tell you more about this trip.

First you get a bunch of impressions, even sitting on the ground navigator. The driver probably go a hundred times cooler and more interesting. Couse he must manage to pass all obstacles on the road, but if you sitting as the passenger you can not focus on the road so intently, and you have time to admire the forest and take pictures. Before Kotov we were accompanied by rain, the road was eroded and slippery, but the road to the driver than the harder the better and more interesting, it can be good practice to pull each other out of the marshes, to go around the trees and overcome the complex slopes.



We traveled in two cars: Suzuki Jimny and Suzuki Escudo and surprisingly Jimny was more passable and brisk. But it probably depends on the experience of the driver than the car. Generally Paparazzi on the Jimny is quite spectacular passed many difficult places. Eskudik twice stuck in a swamp, on the way to Big Cats and back. For the first time we broke the winch rope and pulled by snatch rope. For the second time already helped to get repaired winch.

Forest during and after the rain is very beautiful and with all the greyness of the sky, which was barely visible from the cockpit because of the pines – the giants. Wet leaves are moving erratically from the wind and rain, fog filled the whole forest and the whole tale is reflected in endless puddles.Retro interior of Jimny all dipped in the illustration of the fantastic books. But you do not really think about the lyrics and think more about the movement and watch the road, a track of, and the roots of trees, among which you will pass or not pass. But certainly pleased that every trip to the nature of this summer brings familiarity with wild animals and birds. When was the last time we went to the Big Cats, saw a medium-sized snake, eagle and seals. At this time in fifteen meters from us straight on the road passed grouse, not paying any attention to us. He never departs from us and simply turned into the bushes.


Fu**ing jeepers

When you traveling with Paparazzi cultural program close borders with cultureless way without interfering. And memories of the fun you could mention the picture Sunday morning. We in turn woke up, had breakfast of chinese noodles and some coffee, repaired winch, swim and began to slowly gather in the way to home. The weather, in turn, gradually cleared up, the sun beginning to bake, Baikal repaint of mercury-gray to bright blue, grass spikes of flowers and adorned it with all the colors of the rainbow, butterflies and singing birds flying – idyll and harmony. Foreign group of young men walking along the trail, and they hear the music in our out of the car. Playing “Bricks” and sounds these words: “I hate this f * cking world” and we sing along with them together 🙂

At the end of the trip in the Big Cats by car could be called the “All Inclusive”. We saw everything: the mud and the rain and the sun, and above all a great view of Lake Baikal. And we went to Listvyanka satisfied and pleased with the oncoming group of people by our brutal view. Escudo was covered in mud and we have not gone unnoticed. And that this should be a real Jeep and that such travel should be – a good trip in good company, and of course with the extreme.


Watch video about the trip


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