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Big Cats. Baikal

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Большие коты

And here is our first trip without the water sports, but with extreme moments. We went hiking from Listvyanka village to Big Cats. By the way, we did not see any cats there, especially large. We went to the most dangerous path, which runs along the lake. On the way from Listvyanka to Big Cats has three trails, two of them are not as terrible as the one on which we were walking. The campaign began quite cheerfully, in spite of the obstacles that we overcame. We were on such a thin paths, perhaps with a bias in the sixty-five degrees. And climb the cliffs on which it was important to hold on to the rocks, and this was almost all the way to the Big Cats. We have not encountered such difficulties in the way, it is really difficult and dangerous path. But it is very interesting and extreme, what we love, although naughty nerves in earnest. On the first day, having reached to a place where we camped, we decided to make a bathhouse and swimming in icy Lake Baikal. Oh, it was unforgettable! Bathhouse turned a success, it is very hot, that fly out like a bullet and flops in cold Baikal. The truth is not immersed in it for a long time, the legs become numb quickly. Evening spa in nature success, and with a pleasant fatigue we could go to bed.

Big Cats

The next day we started with a class acro-yoga, which we have not practiced for a long time, but still remembered something, and even learned a couple of new poses. On this day we had planned to walk to the cave, which is near the mountain Skriper. Snack homemade dumplings in the cafe, we recharged and with a great mood hit the road. But we have been a short while with this spirit , because giant flies – gadflies waited us on the our way. Everything should be as simple as possible, even when the path is quite heavy, and when things get complicated so that you just can not go forward, the ground beneath your feet out into the abyss, and you eaten alive by giant insects – then everything around says, “You chose the wrong path and it is time to turn off until it is too late! “. We had to take a decision quickly, and we turned on the absolute off road with a huge slope and rolling from under the feet of all what only comes. We had to go down to the shore as gently as possible so as not to be broken, not roll, not peeled and not get dirty. We slid down and Vasya immediately dived into the lake to escape the gadfly. The rest of the way up the mountain Skriper, we continued along the coast. We found it easy, and view from the top is incredible beautiful! But even the locals do not know about the cave, but we did not give up, climb the mountain and saw a small hole in the rock. We decided that it was this cave.

Hike up to the cave

It was very difficult, it is easier to say, we thought it impossible to get to this cave. Because the trail to it – it’s just a mountain slope without any irregularities to occur or to catch. The slope was such that it was possible to slip on the ass. Thorny plants and heat, all this gave to this trail plus 500 points to the complexity. Climb up to the cave is one thing, so it was more difficult to approach. On our way again were the obstacles of rocks, stones and bushes. We lost a lot of energy when climbing up, already wanted to give up just simply for thirty meters before the cave. You feel like in a reality show, where one of the characters at the last moment gives up, and you think: “It can not be!”. Just before the rock, over a hundred meter cliff, first go ten meters like James Bond from window to window on the fiftieth floor on the ledge, then all you need to climb on the rock without a safety rope. We got to the cave, and the way impressed us more than the cave. People say, that primitive people lived in this cave, and it’s hard to believe! We believe this is possible only if at the time of primitive man, the cave was not that high. Because this cave – just a small opening in the rock, and it seemed to us that there is a huge bird had lived there more likely than Neanderthals. Probably the second main feature of this cave – a beautiful and unusual view of the Lake Baikal. Satisfied that we have done this way, we went back to the place of our camp, where he immediately fell from exhaustion.


The way to the home

We also went home on a dangerous path, because it is the shortest and would not overcome the eternal ups and downs through the woods. This time it was much more difficult, probably from the fact that we are weakened during these two days. Rocks appeared some unrealistic, there was a desire to leave on another path, but we decided we better go like walking before, because this road has already been verified! Narrow paths seemed even thinner, and big flies again began to bite us. They did every step more difficult and dangerous, the main thing was not to make any sudden movements and do not stumble. But they flew right in the face, and it was difficult to manage without any sudden movements. For all the way back Vasya killed seventy gadfly. And although the situation was again to the limit, this was a big plus! We walked without a rest and come down faster than planned. Hike ended in Listvyanka village where we bathed and rested, and went home very impressed on a hike in the Big Cats.

Watch the video about this hike in Big Cats, which we also added to our blog.


Watch the video about this trip


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