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We love sport varied and active leisure and travel - accordingly subject of this blog is the same. Here you will not find some copied articles and repost, everything is written only in the first person, and from our personal experience. Only original photographs and videos made by us or our friends in trips and travels. We write to you about how interesting you can spend your free time on your own experience, impressions and emotions. And more about us, please visit: "about the project From with Love"
Кругосветное путешествие From with Love

Round the world travel

Hello everybody! We are called Vasya and Nastya. March 10, 2018 we sent a round-the-world trip from the city of Irkutsk in Russia and on March 12 reached our first point – Narita, Tokyo in Japan. Our project is called “From with Love” or translated into Russian “With love from …” Why exactly? Because so foreigners like to sign postcards from different foreign countries in which they are.

From with Love
We love extreme sports, hiking and all kinds of active recreation. In Irkutsk in winter we snowboard and in the summer we skate on skateboards or travel with friends to the most beautiful places of our native land. Therefore, when the idea of ​​going on a round-the-world trip appeared in the plans, we decided to create this blog and start writing about our trips, making short films and taking photos.

Thus, we are conducting our blog “From with Love” as early as June 1, 2016 in two languages ​​- Russian and English. And then you can find a lot of interesting stories, movies and photos in each of the four previous parts of this blog:

Part 1: Summer in Irkutsk
Part 2: Mamai
Part 3: Lake Baikal
… and also on our social networking sites:, facebook, twitter, Instargam, YouTube or Vimeo.

Trip around the world
Going on a round-the-world trip, we wanted, if possible, to keep the format of our blog and also try to spend time actively: go hiking, in the mountains, walk in the woods, spend the night in a tent and go in for sports. We even decided to take our skateboards with us and move around the cities, skate and shoot short films.

Needless to say, in order to spend time actively, to look into various interesting places, to try something new and rent equipment, money is needed and we try to earn them remotely, that is, via the Internet. We work in the field of graphic design and develop websites. If you or your friends have a work of this kind for us, write to us through the form below or in social networks, we will be happy to work with you, and thus you can support our round-the-world trip.

Write also if you have any questions, interesting proposals for cooperation, the desire to support our project or just kind words and wishes, we will definitely answer! Also, if you like what we do, like our publications or just wish for good, we will be grateful for subscribing to our blog, reposting in social networks and links to From with Love on your sites. In the meantime, wish us success! We hope, we will succeed, and we will provide you with more informative stories, interesting films and colorful photos. Everyone as much as possible of positive, bright emotions and successful travel!